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BBI Brief; It’s a Case of 2 Steps Forward… 44 Steps Backward…


1. For over 18 months, the BBI team (14 sycophants of our Party Leader and their Party Leader) goes around the country collecting views from Kenyans. They want to know why we are divided and how to unite us

2. They then compile a report…nothing new from what they’d in mind the day the team was formed. But Uhuru is nowhere to receive the report…his constituents (backyard) are opposed to changing the system of governance

3. The team then waters down the original report into something we can achieve by implementing (not amending) the current constitution…It is launched and unanimously supported by all

4. Now that the hostility is down…the original report must be reintroduced…we must amend what was already unanimously endorsed into a divisive one…one that will divide Kenyans into the “yes” and “no” teams.

5. The same team that we forced to water down the original BBI Report now has 6 months to find a way to bring back the original BBI Report…

The focus is on nothing else but changing our system of governance. An agenda they’ll push even if it means emptying the treasury and jailing all critics.

The only problem is, the same people who made them Waterdown the report will still reject anything that’s changing our system of governance… #BBIReport

Article by Samson Ogola (Senior Political Amateur)

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