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Babu Owino ‘Online Lessons’ Should not Fool you all to Forget Serious Shit That Happened…

Babu Owino

BABU OWINO has edged sharp mind Not for his mastery of calculus or organic chemistry, but the manner in which he has deviated the public wrath

Not long ago, everyone in these streets, was baying for his blood, for shooting to kill a club deejay, who luckily survived, but is still recuperating in hospital

Then the sly Babu Owino bought a whiteboard and taught some mathematics online and abracadabra, the mob that wanted to kill him dropped the weapons they wanted to lynch him with and began singing hosanna praise and worship for him

Thanks to his mastery of mathematics and now chemistry, he has become “mweupe kama pamba”. Babu Owino has swiftly transformed into a darling of the people

He has untangled himself from the intricate web he had jumbled himself in, with so much ease. Skulduggery, corruption and a pending murder case are a combination that works wonders and delivers victory in Kenyan political contests, check out his next moves in the coming elections

Babu Owino must now build a dam, in the scale of Arror and Kimwarer, inside his stomach to complete his stature, for him to be qualified as a serious future presidential candidate.

So far, he has demonstrated his ability, he is lethal than cruel member of parliament you know, well, being a straight-A student a double degree holder; a BSc in Actuarial Sciences and LLB – Bachelor of Laws both from the University of Nairobi.

In other news, churches should reopen. While operational, the community had an opportunity to get back at least 10% of stolen taxes as tithe, because most thieves are “saved” Christians who adhere to the tithing rules

With churches closed, there isn’t an opportunity for corruption to participate in corporate social responsibility
and the entire loot, in billions, go just like that. very sad.

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