Rev Lucy Natasha Praying For Ailing Mike Sonko

TweetShareSharePin0 SharesPopular city preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has pleaded with believers to continue praying for Former Governor Mike Sonko critical condition. The former City boss Mike Sonko has been hospitalized at Kenyatta hospital Nairobi as doctors under his surveillance suggest to have him seek treatment in South Africa. Rev Lucy Natasha urged the believers who had converged at Empowerment Christian Church Nairobi for the Friday service that the only conscious effort to get through natural means to God himself is by constantly setting minds and souls to God amidst difficult…

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Empowerment Christian Church Kingdom Hostess, Rev Lucy Natasha Ministry

Empowerment Christian Church Kingdom Hostess

TweetShareSharePin1111 SharesThe super elegant and beautiful young ladies who work as kingdom hostess at Empowerment Christian Church. Their dedication and commitment to serving God are literally commendable. The senior overseer of the international ministry one Rev Lucy Natasha has been their role model and advisor in the kingdom duty. The team offers social support during the church services. Most of the time you will find them at the entrance of the sanctuary and very active when the services are progressing. Rev Lucy Natasha has always been willing to spread the…

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This Is Rev Lucy Natasha, What She Admires

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesThe Woman of God Rev Lucy Natasha is a very powerful minister of the word and her faith has opened endless opportunities for her and still many more to come. This woman of God has been such an inspiration to a lot of people out here and thanks to her many souls have seen the light Rev Lucy Natasha is always bringing very inspirational messages every time she ministers and here is a bit of what I picked from her, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are daring, you…

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Rev Natasha Honors Police Officer Dedication In Their Duties

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesPopular city preacher Rev Natasha, senior overseer Empowerment Christian Church in Nairobi town has congratulated men in uniform for their dedication and commitment to Kingdom duties. He spoke this after an engagement with the police officers at her offices. In a special message shared on the social media platforms, Rev Natasha encouraged them to continue serving diligently in their noble calling. Thankful for the wonderful work that Security officers are doing and had wonderful moments of fellowship in the office after our service with police officers. Receive God’s assistance…

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It Has Not Been Easy! Rev Natasha Won Against All Odds

TweetShareSharePin66 SharesIt has not been easy to settle the sanctuary at the City of Nairobi. Despite the process costing finances and social efforts, the seen and unseen forces have been tempting to interfere. Rev Natasha, the senior overseer of Empowerment Christian church confirmed to have always gone down her knees to ask God for guidance. Rev Natasha believes that prayer is the meeting point point between divinity and humanity. She has been seeking heavenly intervention amid trials and victory. Maybe nobody would have believed that a successful pastor would rise…

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Bishop Arthur Kitonga Advises Rev Natasha to Pursue Earthly Woes by Seeking God

Bishop Arthur Kitonga

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesSenior overseer of redeemed Christian church based in Nairobi one Archbishop Arthur Kitonga has advised city preacher, Rev Lucy Natasha, to tackle the petty ridicules targeting the ministry from a spiritual angle. The man of God was speaking during the launch of Empowerment Christian church on Sunday as he presided over the grand event. Bishop Arthur Kitonga shared a powerful sermon citing continued efforts to build the strong foundation of ECC ministry. He encouraged Rev Natasha to continue following Church doctrines and Christ’s desires. Bishop Arthur Kitonga quoted some…

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Natasha Hands Of Compassion have Made It Possible During The Difficult moment

TweetShareSharePin88 SharesThe charitable organization led by City preacher one Rev Lucy Natasha has been of great hope to Kenyans and across the globe through Hands Of Compassion. In the last year, the noble team has been donating foodstuffs and household equipment’s to the less privileged and disabled in society. The senior overseer Rev Natasha has been at the forefront in providing food to the less privileged and the most vulnerable in slums during the outbreak of Coronavirus. Through the aforementioned charitable organization, she has donated food and various supplies to healthcare workers and other organizations.…

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Oracle 1 Records Wows Gospel Fans With A New Hit “Made A Way’

Oracle 1 Records

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesOracle 1 Records of God’s spiritual sons one Frank Vishal and Dickson Were are the newly shinning artists in the gospel industry. The two have now released a new cover song dubbed “Made away”. Now they are becoming the favorite boy band in town. However they are not showing any sign of slowing down with their beautiful voices. The video, which clocked more than 50,000 views since it was released on the Rev Lucy Natasha YouTube channel on January 16, has received positive feedback from the many fans of the…

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Harun Gathuthi Kinyua pledges to Support newly Nairobi deputy Governor Ann Kananu

Harun Gathuthi Kinyua

TweetShareSharePin11 SharesHarun Gathuthi Kinyua , former contestant in Nairobi by-election has pledged to support the newly appointed deputy Governor Ann Kananu. In his statement, he said …. “These by-elections were one of the most competitive in our country’s history, my leading to the first run-off since the declaration of seat vacant. I wish to show gratitude to Nairobi Youths and residents who joined me in demonstrating their commitment to democracy and changing Nairobi County through large and overwhelming support .” “I won’t confidently talk about the renewed leadership, but I…

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Rev Natasha Calls For Prayers Amid Presidential Elections in Uganda

TweetShareSharePin22 SharesKenyan renown preacher Rev Lucy Natasha has requested believers to stand with Uganda in prayers as the electoral process continues. Through a note shared on her official social media platforms, the city preacher pleaded for peace in the ongoing presidential elections. “ “Praying and standing in faith with our neighboring country of UGANDA as they hold their 2021 Presidential election. We speak peace all over the Ugandan nation. May God’s will and purpose be established in the pearl of Africa.” “May there be peace, justice & unity amongst all…

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