Inside Mike Sonko’s Multimillion White Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV.

Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV.

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesIt’s without a doubt that the Nairobi governor Mike Sonko likes the finer unique things in life. From gold chains to foldable phones,it’s clear that Mike Sonko has a great appetite for luxury things. One of the most expensive vehicles owned by Mike sonko is the Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV Large (Sports Utility Vehicle) made by General Motors in America. How Much Does the Cadillac Escalade Luxury SUV Cost? The 2020 Cadillac Escalade has a base MSRP of $75,195. The long-wheelbase Cadillac Escalade ESV starts at $78,195. Both are…

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5 Ways to Keep Your Teeth Very Strong and White


TweetShareSharePin11 SharesDrink water instead of soda or juice. Acidic drinks like soda and fruit juice wear away enamel, which can contribute to the yellowing of your teeth. Water is a much more enamel-friendly choice. Brush with an enamel-strengthening toothpaste. Use a specialized toothpaste-like Its formula works to strengthen enamel and whiten teeth for a whiter* smile with twice-daily brushing. Eat calcium-rich foods. Calcium is essential for strong, healthy teeth because it helps remineralize enamel. Incorporate a healthy amount of dairy products, leafy greens, and nuts into your diet. Avoid foods and drinks that stain…

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Julius, alias Majimaji “Coronas” Nyikal.. Get To Know His Whole Story.


TweetShareSharePin0 SharesJust the other day we picked up from local media platforms of Seme Sub-county and what caught out attention was a trending concern about people’s lives directed to Hon. Dr. James Wambura Nyikal by MajiMaji who is also known as Julius Owino. He had given his concern about the Seme floods victims and a 7-day ultimatum for action to be taken by the MPs office.Today Majimaji Tells us about what it’s taking the people of Seme and their suffering. Julius, alias Majimaji has so far helped the vulnerable Seme…

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Stop Ignoring Us, We’re Suffering: Seme Residents Tell Nyikal.

Stop Ignoring Us, We're Suffering: Seme Residents Tell Nyikal. 4

TweetShare25SharePin126 SharesThe continuing rainfall within the Lake region has caused prolonged floods, which has claimed many victims across Nyanza with thousands displaced. Little known to many is Seme Sub-County, where more than 300 families could be affected and a good number displaced or rendered homeless. In Kirindo, West Seme, Korumba, and Akonya in Kombewa, Also in North Ward and Abuogo, Kajulu Koker in the East Ward, being at a higher risk of displacement and homelessness. Heightening the risk of more homes collapsing, are the rampant spring floods which in extreme…

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Bien Kenya: What I Should Consider When Hiring a Company For My Web Design And SEO

Web Design

TweetShare140SharePin140 SharesWeb Design: There are two important parts that we highly consider when creating a successful and profitable website. We take our time to organize client’s products and services, spend money, and do enough research since we want it to be worthwhile. Our Advice: If you are ready to take the step to create a business online then you must make sure that you do it right, otherwise it is time and money wasted. The first part is ensuring that you find a web designer that will make your website…

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Gem Legislator Urges the President to Reconstitute the Cabinet.

Gem Legislator

TweetShare75SharePin75 SharesGem member of the parliament, Hon. Elisha Odhiambo Now says that the president needs to do away with the current cabinet and come with a stronger one that will ensure enough service delivery to the people. He says that the wrangles among Jubilee party legislators have slowed down the Government duties and service delivery to the citizens. Speaking to the press earlier today, Hon Elisha says that the Jubilee party wrangles among the members have extended to the law-making house, where a number Jubilee legislators have consistently scorned the…

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Top 10 Best University In Kenya To Study in 2020.

University In Kenya

TweetShare21SharePin728 SharesSome of Top University In Kenya 1. University of Nairobi       One of the oldest and best University In Kenya Established by an Act of Parliament Cap 210 of the Laws of Kenya Offers approximately 200 courses It has many branches across the country which are easy to access and have some of the best academic resources. This university has received many awards for its achievements in Academics and has invariably been ranked as the best university in Kenya and Africa at large. 2. Kenyatta University       Kenyatta University is no doubt one…

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