Secrets Behind Francis Atwoli’s Multi-million Mansion in Kajiado.

Atwoli's Multi-million Mansion in Kajiado.

Francis Atwoli is a Kenyan politician, he is currently the Secretary-General of the Central Trade Organization Union -COTU. The flamboyant COTU boss is a very wealthy man and many times he is seen flaunting his flashy lifestyle.

He is known among the filthy richest and successful politicians in Kenya, COTU boss owns several multi-million mansions in Nairobi, Nakuru, and Ildamat in Kajiado adding to his posh rural home in Kakamega.

Atwoli's Multi-million Mansion in Kajiado.

Atwoli’s Multi-million Mansion in Kajiado county is a huge mansion fit for a king, he built this mansion for his young wife Mary Kilobi in 2016 after they got married. This was a huge surprise and pure explanation of his love for her.

The huge Atwoli’s Multi-million Mansion has eye-catching manicured lawns, perfectly trimmed hedges also its pristine location is on another level. It has very tight security and a white lady as staff.

Atwoli's Multi-million Mansion in Kajiado.

Several meetings are sometimes held here mostly featuring Jubilee and Luhya leaders. It is set out on roughly 3acres surrounded by a perimeter wall. It has two huge wooden gates guarded round the clock by mean-looking police officers. One has to make a phone call to Atwoli to be cleared to enter the compound.

Besides the Atwoli’s Multi-million Mansion, the home boasts of a fully stocked restaurant where the Cotu chief entertains his visitors with food and drinks.

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