“He has Colonized them Literally” Photos of Atwoli’s ‘Mzungu Housegirl’ That’s Heated Debate Online.

Francis Atwoli

The internet has lit up today after Mary Kilobi, journalist and the current wife of COTU Secretary General Francis Atwoli, shared a photo that left tongues wagging on Twitter.

Taking to her Instagram, Kilobi posted a photo of her and fellow journalist Sophia Wanuna being served by a white female, captioning it as “Yes, it is that cold in Kajiado”

"He has Colonized them Literally" Photos of Atwoli's 'Mzungu Housegirl' That's Heated Debate Online. 1
Photo courtesy Mary Kilobi’s Instagram

Judging from the photo and her caption, Kenyans online insinuated she is at their Kajiado home.

However, what raised netizens’ eyebrows is the fact that the woman who served Kilobi is white, hinting she is Atwoli’s house-help.

Atwoli Househelp
Sophia Wanuna. Photo courtesy Mary Kilobi’s Instagram

Having a white nanny in Kenya is a quite rare scenario, and if there is, it’s often a reserve for the elites and high profile people. It’s normally the other way round, Kenyan house-helps working for white people.

Consequently, the emergence of this photo sparked mixed reactions online with Kenyans having varied reactions on Atwoli allegedly having a white woman as a house-help.

Taking to Twitter, Kenyans didn’t shy away from voicing their opinions on the issue and criticizing the photo.

Mary Kilobi and Sophia Wanuna. Photo courtesy Mary Kilobi’s Instagram

Below are some of KOT’s reactions:

Daisy_kDon’t tell me Atwoli hired a Mzungu for a maid. Unemployment Will continue to ravage this country as long as Workers union leaders like Atwoli have no faith in fellow Kenyans.

Mark KalombaWaaah!..no wonder he throws his iPhones anyhow he likes..

Amity MSome people are living while others are surviving. So Mary Kilobi is being attended to like a visitor in her own house? The things of this world judgement has defeated.

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Stop CoronaHow did the lady got a work ticket, for a job Kenyans can do for free? 

Kennedy MusembiShe’s been paid top dollar while the workers he represents earn peanuts.

NdevulessMnaona house help at hamuoni magari, chokora nyinyi.

Griffins OsiemoMeanwhile the government had intentions of taxing pension and Atwoli didn’t come to the defense of the poor retired workers.

Mary Kilobi and Sophia Wanuna. Photo courtesy Mary Kilobi’s Instagram

Victor BorBeautiful!! For once, am proud of the old man

Evans Omondi OwinoAtwoli hawezi pea mluhya mwenzake kazi kama hio?Ma shallah!

ying yangRepresenting workers whom he cant employ? The irony

Mzalendo TETU paying back our COLONIAL MASTERS with their OWN coin.

john ngugiSurely some animals are more equal than others

LEWISThis is good. Atwoli knows best.

samuel osure™: He has colonised them literally 

PRINCE: Damn … atwoli is the real OG

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