Francis Atwoli: Senate Must Save Governor Ann Waiguru Because She Supports BBI


COTU Boss Francis Atwoli has said Governor Anne Waiguru should be saved from impeachment for the sake of Building Bridges Initiative( BBI).

According to Atwoli, the governor has been instrumental in the course of Uniting the country and therefore should be spared.

” She is the reason Mt. Kenya accepted BBI, the Senate must quash the decision made by Kirinyaga County Assembly, ” he said.

Atwoli has urged the Senate to save Waiguru after she was impeached on Tuesday for the sake of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) saying it was wrong to impeach a first-time governor at a time when the BBI was entering the execution stages.

He further urged the Upper House to save the impeached governor so that the BBI activities in Mt Kenya are not interrupted adding that Waiguru has been in support of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his agendas including the BBI.

“The MCAs should talk and address the issues being raised. If Governor Ann Waiguru is wrong, they can use the Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission or the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to address any wrong doing.

However, we are calling for a dialogue. There are many channels of addressing issues in our Constitution. It would be good if the MCAs considered them first,” Atwoli is quoted by the Star.

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