Atheists In Kenya Strongly Opposes Bill To Ban Pornography

Atheists In Kenya

Atheists in Kenya Society have condemned former Majority Leader Aden Duale for invoking religious bias in the bill criminalizing pornography.

“Illegalizing PORN will only result in a boom for the pirated porn industry. We are vehemently opposed to this Amendment Bill. We believe that MP Aden Duale is being driven by a religious bias in pushing for such a punitive Bill.” the society said.

The controversial bill that is an amendment to the cyber crimes act will see parliament enact a legislation to prohibit sharing of pornographic materials.

“A person shall not knowingly publish pornography through a computer system, produce pornography for the purpose of its publication through a computer system, download, distribute, circulate, sell or make it available in any way from a telecommunications apparatus pornography.”

Atheists argue that the bill will only raise Kenya’s piracy industry, proposing a solution to end the menace is only normalizing sex education among the youth.

Atheists In Kenya Strongly Opposes Bill To Ban Pornography

“Illegalizing porn is not the solution at all. Educating the youth about what sex and related behaviors are must be on the agenda of the government. The proposed ban can never be a fool-proof solution.

It will probably increase the sale of pirated porn. A ban of this kind might actually increase sexual frustration and lead to other sexual and social problems.”

In the proposed Bill, anybody found with/sharing pornographic material on the internet will risk a Ksh. 20 million fine or 25-year jail term or both.

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