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Are Luos Raila’s Dogs That He Uses And Discards At Will?


Nyanza counties spent 900 million to organize the BBI meeting in Kisii which was attended by less than 500 people. For lich also.

Governors and MPs in Luoland are the definitions of incompetence. They only know how to attend rallies where Raila is praised, but not where the development of Luoland is discussed.

Have you heard a meeting organized by Conman Raila and his handpicked Luo governors to discuss agriculture, or proper use of lake Victoria, or infrastructure development, or empowerment of young people in Luoland? Have you heard since Raila started being our political leader? No. Why? Because of Raila, you are a dog who he uses and discards at will. You don’t have a right to a good life.

Luoland can be developed to become an economic wonderland. But our people are blindly following a conman who wants to impoverish them. Factories such as Sony Sugar are failing, yet no Luo leader speaks about it. The lake remains largely underutilized, but no Luo leader speaks about it. Nyanza has a lot of tourism destinations, but no Luo leader talks about developing them.

The fools go to Kisii and call Miguna a dog. So Raila’s biggest achievement is keeping Miguna out of Kenya and calling him a dog. Clearly, he fears Miguna so much!

I had said it but I will tell you the truth again. Raila doesn’t want development in Luoland because he wants to keep Luos poor and desperate so that they can be easy to use in his selfish and stupid political activities. We have hope in Miguna.

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