‘Am Committed to Winning Souls for God.’ – Rev Natasha Speaks

Rev Natasha Has Won Battles Through Prayer

The City renowned preacher Rev Natasha alias Oracle of God has come out strong to defend her noble duty. Indeed she states that her mission here on earth is to win the largest number of souls to Christ.

“My greatest assignment on earth is to win souls for God. Let’s join together to win more souls for the Lord. ⁣” Rev Natasha

The woman of God has been in the frontline spreading the gospel through digital platforms. However, she opted for the means of communication since the target audience has dominated the platforms. Indeed, Rev Natasha is a generational preacher called to impact the 21st-century digital era.

Peace In Uganda
Rev Natasha

The phenomenal preacher has travelled to many countries and cities across the globe and many souls have accepted Christ as the savior.

Rev. Natasha has evolved to an internationally recognized prophetic voice, having ministered in the U.K., U.A.E, Qatar, South Africa, among others where millions of people are finding comfort, inspiration, and faith through her sermons that transcend the ages.

The work of gospel ministers is very difficult because they continually meet people at critical crossroads between heaven and hell. What a privilege and responsibility it is to equip the saints in this life, as well as preparing them for the one to come.

Rev Natasha
Rev Natasha

Rev Natasha has been said to be the continent’s most visible preacher, a first among equals and one for whom rulers, kings, and presidents bow in reverence to God and the heavenly message she carries to different parts of the continent and the world from time to time.

She has ministered in over 50 nations around the world and has met over 20 head of states and world leaders including the president of Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnagangwa, former President of Sierra Leone Ernest Koroma as well as the former president of Ghana John Mahama

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