All Government Systems and Opposition are Against one Man William Ruto… Why is it so?


Ruto is a force to reckon with… Why is that anyone who associates with him is either arrested of CORRUPTION or allegations are leveled against him or her why is it so?

By the way, you’re JUST but making him be stronger than he was, continue arresting his friends but you will never arrest those that believe in him.

Do you want to tell me that Cyprian Awiti Governor Homa bay County is a lesser evil in the fight against Corruption?

Why is Sospeter OJamong still in office yet CORRUPTION allegations are left right and center in his government? Ama huyo ni Wa handshake ? can’t be asked to step down?

Tuko Na Upuzi Hii Kenya honesty will never be achieved if today Raila a person who made Waiguru resign over CORRUPTION allegations is dining with her.

Who will Kenyans believe? Who is ever honest in politics? I guess none.

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