Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.

Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.

Ali Hassan Joho is one of the most prominent political leaders in Kenya, having a strong base from the coastal part of Kenya. Joho’s rise to fame has been attached to the mentorship and momentum granted by his political father Hon. Raila Odinga. He is the first Governor for Mombasa County after winning the position on March 4th, 2013. During the 2017 General elections, Joho was elected for the second time as the Governor for Mombasa County.

Here is the Biography of Ali Hassan Joho.

Early Life

Ali Hassan Joho was born on 26th February 1976 in Kisauni, Mombasa County. He attended Tom Mboya primary school for his primary education, then joined Serani Boys Secondary school for his advanced studies. After his secondary education, Joho joined Kampala University where he pursued a bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management,

Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.
Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth,
career, and Politics.

He further advanced his studies by enrolling in a Master’s program in Business Administration. In addition, the Governor holds a number of diplomas in Shipping and logistics, IT, and business.

Joho narrates his childhood living in a manner that inspires many people and more so the young generation. He explains how he has struggled in his childhood, as he used to balance between studies and raising school fees for his education. He admits that he used to study during the day and hustle at night to raise school fees.

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Joho confidently admits that he did not perform well in High school. He states that he is proud that he scored a D- a grade he genuinely achieved.

Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.

Career and Politics.

Joho has risen on different platforms in his career, as a businessman and also a politician. He joined politics in 2004, and through the years he was appointed as a chairman for Kisauni Party under the Liberal Democratic Party in the period between 2006-2007.

During the 2007 General elections, Joho won the Kisauni Parliamentary seat under the ticket of ODM. Further, he was appointed as the Assistant Minister for Transport.

Ali Hassan Joho was then appointed as the Governor for Mombasa County during the 2013 General elections, a position he holds up to date.

Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.
Ali Hassan Joho: Biography

Joho has held quite a number of political positions. He has been the ODM Party organizing secretary. He has also been the vice-chairman for the Defense and Foreign Relations Committee of parliament. Additionally, Joho has been the Library Committee member of Transport, Housing, and Public works.

Joho has also been a member of the ODM re-loaded team.

Joho is a successful businessman who owns quite a couple of multi-million companies. He has a strong entrepreneurial skill that has enabled him to remain afloat in the corporate world. Through investment, Joho successfully founded Prima Pest and Bins ltd, the first garbage collection company in Mombasa.

Additionally, Joho is the founder of M-tech Kenya ltd and East African Terminals. The governor is also reputable in the shipping and logistics sector.

Joho Foundation.

Joho is a charitable man, having established the Joho Foundation, a non-profitable organization that aims at supporting the needy in the society.

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Joho’s Family and kids.

Ali Hassan Joho is happily married to one wife called Madina Joho, and they are blessed with four children.

Ali Hassan Joho: Biography, Wealth, career, and Politics.

Joho’s Net Worth.

According to reliable sources, Governor Joho is said to pocket a monthly basic salary of Kshs. 924,000. In addition to that, the Governor benefits from several allowances further boosting his monthly income to over a million Kenya shillings.

Reports have it that Ali Hassan Joho has an accumulated net worth of $87 million.

Joho is said to own quite a number of lavish homes in Nyali. Additionally, Joho owns a home in Vipingo. Reports also have it that Joho has top class estates in Malindi.

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