Next On Ringo: Alejo Managed To Take Brenda Out Of Jail, Brenda Yells That She Is Not Going To Forgive Him For Leaving Her In Jail So Long.

Julia Goes To Diego

Oso is having a pity party and tells Rafa that he lost Rosa forever. Rosa thinks he doesn’t trust her, that he has kept things from her and that he is a liar. When Oso tells Rafa that Rosa is now with Carrizo, Rafa wonders if Oso is going to give up that easily.

Oso has to accept that all has ended. It is Rosa’s decision he must accept it. Oso thinks that he is destined to be alone and he won’t play music anymore.

Alejo managed to take Brenda out of jail. Brenda yells that she is not going to forgive him for leaving her in jail for so long. Alejo reminds her that she did it to herself. Brenda doesn’t know why she married him…she is fed up with him!

Well, Alejo is fed up with her too! She uses her illness as an excuse to insult whoever she wants! When Alejo tells her that she is a lost cause, she calls him stupid and walks off. Alejo grabs his hair and huffs in anguish.

Ringo and Julia return from the passionate exercise session. He drops her off at her house and kisses her good bye. When Julia enters, Alejo tells her about Brenda being arrested for shoplifting.


Brenda is home but only because of testimony that Brenda suffers from an emotional disturbance. Alejo doesn’t think he is capable of putting up with her illness…and doesn’t know how to handle Brenda anymore; he doesn’t know who he married, Julia reminds him that he did know because they all warned him.

When Julia asks what he is going to do, Alejo tells her he doesn’t know, but he can’t stay there; he will go to his apartment where he can be alone and think things through.

Julia talks to Brenda about what she did, but Brenda continues to deny it. Brenda can’t understand who they can believe a simple employee and not her…she is a Garay!

After Julia asks if she is taking her meds, Brenda chides her for forgetting that she is sick and she just lost a child. After she adds that no one understands her like her father did, she tells Julia to leave.

Oso asks Rosa why she is going to resume her training when it’s too soon. When Rosa tells him that she is fine, Oso mentions that he will wait for her at the gym, but Rosa tells him that he will no longer train her…she is going to ask Guevara to train her.

Rosa goes to ask Guevara to train her while Oso stands behind her and signals to Guevara to decline; so, he tells Rosa that he can’t train her. Rosa goes to Damasio, Guachin and Pepe to ask the same thing, but they all decline. Rosa turns to Oso and tells him that he is not going to get his way!

Next On Ringo Alejo,

Gloria calls her attorney who tells her that she went to get Turco’s signature on the divorce papers, but Carrizo told her that Turco no longer lives there. After the attorney tells her that the divorce can’t go through without the required signature, Gloria curses Turco.

At the gym, Carrizo is training Rosa as Oso observes, but she can’t follow through with the strikes. When Oso asks what is wrong, Rosa cries that she has no strength in her arms.

A tug-of-war between Carrizo and Oso who each want to take Rosa so that Sandra can check her since she has no strength in her arms. Oso finally tells Carrizo that this is not the time to fight and takes Rosa to Sandra who quickly tells Oso to leave them alone so she can check Rosa.

Elsa asks Brenda if she isn’t going down for breakfast. Brenda shakes her head and cries that she wants to die—she lost her baby, her husband doesn’t love her…because he wanted a baby and she couldn’t give him one.

Elsa quickly gets Brenda’s pills and, after Brenda refuses, Elsa shoves it into her mouth and makes her take a drink of water.

Teresa is in the cafeteria when Guachin enters and complains about Luchis being a money monger…now she wants a mink coat! Teresa scoffs at the idea since it never gets that cold. Pepe then enters and tells them about Rosa; so Guachin rushes out with him.

Teresa is in the cafeteria when Guachin enters and complains about Luchis being a money monger…now she wants a mink coat! Teresa scoffs at the idea since it never gets that cold. Pepe then enters and tells them about Rosa; so Guachin rushes out with him.

In Susana’s office, Susana checks Rosa and advises that she needs to get checked by a specialist. When they go out and are met by the Oso clan, Rosa tells them that she is not doing well; she still has no strength in her arms.

Susana explains that Rosa will have to see a specialist…Dr. Robledo who is a friend of hers. When Carrizo steps up and tells Rosa that he will find her the bests specialist, Oso pulls him back and tells him that he will do no such thing!

After they get into it and almost get physical, Rosa asks Carrizo to leave…she doesn’t need more problems than she already has. After Carrizo leaves, Susana asks Oso to take Rosa to the specialist the next day since she is going to accompany Guevara to his surgery.

Oso gladly agrees and tells everyone to get back to work. Once alone with Susana, Oso asks her to be straight with him; so, Susana tells him that Rosa might have a cervical injury, but they will have to wait to see what the orthopedist has to say.

Teresa walks Rosa back to the cafeteria where Rosa tells her that she feels like everything that she is was in the strength of her arms…it’s like the clipped her wings.

Teresa assures her that she has gotten out of worse situations…and she has all her friends to support her. Rosa thinks that this may be assigned that she should go back to her town and give up her dream. Teresa encourages her and tells her that she will come out of this just fine.

Eva goes into Alejo’s office to ask him if he can take care of a case since she has to go to the doctor…because she is pregnant! Alejo is very happy for her, but when she mentions that she will have her baby about the same time that his baby will be born,


Alejo turns somber and tells her that there will be no baby. Eva is sorry since Alejo was so excited. When she adds that he is sure to have a child later, Alejo replies that he might, but not with Brenda…he can’t get along with her.

After Eva leaves, Elsa calls Alejo and tells him that Brenda is not doing well, so Alejo tells her that he will be there shortly.

Diego enters Julia’s office and asks why she moved Mercedes out of her office. Julia explains that she has gotten Sandra back to be her secretary since she knows the company operations very well.

After Diego chides her for not consulting with him since he is the vice-president, Julia sits him down and tells him that she appreciates everything he has done for the company, but since they are no longer a couple, she can’t continue working with him…she needs to distance herself from him; it’ll be healthier for both of them.

Diego refuses to resign and tells Julia that she will have to take him out and give him severance pay which will be quite costly since he has been there for so many years. As Diego leaves the office, he sees Sandra arriving and throws dagger looks at her.

When Sandra goes in to see Julia, Julia shares that she asked Diego to leave; Sandra now understands the “dagger looks.” After Julia explains that they will need to look for funds to cover Diego’s severance pay, Sandra tells her that her father would be very proud of her.

Ringo goes to the cafeteria where Santi tells him about Rosa’s loss of strength; so, Ringo goes to give Rosa a pep talk since she thinks that she will probably never be able to box. Afterwards, Julia calls Ringo to tell him about her meeting with Diego. She needs to go get advice from Manuel and ask Ringo to accompany her…and he agrees.

Susana tells Guachin that she found an opening at the hospital for Guevara’s surgery. She doesn’t know exactly what the hospital costs will be, but she will let Guachin know as soon as she gets the bill.

Just then, Guevara enters the office; so, Susana quickly pretends to be consulting with Guachin and hands him a prescription. Once he walks out, Guachin looks at the prescription where Susana wrote her thanks and called him an angel.

Brenda  Alejo,

Big smile from Guachin! Back inside the office, Guevara worries that he does not have the money for the surgery, so Susana tells him that the hospital has a program that will provide financial assistance to patients who qualify… and Guevara qualified.

Guevara agrees to go and cries that he doesn’t know how to show his appreciation.

Ringo is helping Santi with his homework when Julia calls to tell him that she has just arrived; so, Ringo rushes out. When Santi runs after Ringo and sees him in a full-blown lock lip with Julia, he calls out to his father.

Ringo asks him to say hello to Julia, but Santi runs back inside. Julia advises Ringo to go talk to Santi; so, Ringo goes back inside where he scolds Santi for being rude to Julia.

When Santi tells him that he didn’t like seeing him kiss Julia, Ringo tells him that it is not his business and he and Julia know what they are doing. Santi doesn’t care; he wants Ringo to be with his mother…and to be a family.

Ringo understands, but it’s not possible because he loves Julia. Santi yells that he wants Ringo to love his mother and runs out. Ringo runs after him and scolds Santi for running out and crossing the street.

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