Next On Ringo: Alejo Cries That Manuel Shouldn’t Have Died, Manuel Was Like A Father To Him


Ringo and Alejo find Manuel in their apartment but he doesn’t respond. Alejo approaches and shakes Manuel trying to wake him up while Ringo calls for an ambulance.

Max arrives at the police station; so Guachin explains what happened. Meanwhile, at the club, Guevara rants to Susana about how disappointed he is of Guachin.

When he tells her what happened, Susan defends Guachin who is a good person and incapable of what Guevara is accusing him of…Guachin has proof that his father left him the money he has.

Guevara thinks that he was obligated to turn Guachin to teach him a lesson…since he grew to like him. When Susana tells him that it was Guachin who paid for his operation, Guevara is in disbelief and regrets what he did…he needs to go to the police station and get Guachin out.


At Manuel’s apartment, the paramedics are there and have checked Manuel; there is nothing that can be done…Manuel suffered a major heart attack. Manuel must have died about 6 hours ago. After the paramedics leave, Alejo cries that Manuel shouldn’t have died…he didn’t get to tell him how much he loved him. Alejo feels that he was stupid; Manuel was like a father to him.

Ringo feels the same way since Manuel was always by his side. After Alejo feels guilty that he offended Manuel and went against him, Ringo assures him that Manuel never stopped loving him…he was like a son to Manuel. The two friends hug tightly as tears stream down their faces.

Meanwhile, Eva still worries about her father and imagines that he could have had an accident or could have gotten assaulted. She tries to call Alejo, but Alejo can’t answer…he doesn’t know how to tell Eva about her father.

So Julia calls Ringo who answers and, with much hesitation and pain, tells her that her uncle is dead. When Julia gasps, Eva grabs the phone; so, Ringo tells her that he is very sorry, they found her father lifeless…he died while he was sleeping. Eva breaks down crying and Julia hugs her tightly.

Brenda is in Diego’s office complaining about Manuel calling the meeting. After she states that they still have the majority of the votes and disses Julia. she takes her leave since she needs to go see about her tanning session that she had to cancel. After she leaves, Diego scoffs at how stupid Brenda is.


Guevara and Susana arrive at the police station as Max and Guachin are walking out. Guachin tears into Guevara since he is there because of him…he tried to explain but Guevara didn’t give him a chance. After Guachin walks away, Guevara feels really dumb. Max points out that he shouldn’t be accusing someone without evidence.

When Guevara explains that he overheard Guachin planning to steal money, Max clarifies that Guachin was swayed by his friend who had just gotten out of prison. Just then, Eva calls Max to tell him about Manuel.

Eva and Julia arrive at the apartment. Eva goes in to see Manuel while Ringo tells Julia that Manuel died of a heart attack. Alejo cried that though Manuel didn’t give him life, he was his father. Inside the bedroom, Eva cries as she lies by her father and reminds him of all the plans he had made to meet his grandson and give her away at her wedding. As she hugs him and tells him that she needs him, Max enters and she runs to him. They hug as she cries inconsolably.

Ringo calls Rafa and, after asking for Oso, tells him that Manuel has died. Rafa wants to call his father since he was best friends with Manuel, but Ringo prefers to wait until Oso returns.

Julia calls Brenda who thinks that Julia is crying because she didn’t get her way. When Julia tells her that their uncle has died, Brenda breaks down and cries ugly as she shares the news with Elsa.

At the company, Sandra receives the call about Manuel as Diego listens. When she tells him that Manuel is dead, Diego obviously could care less and tells Sandra he will go to the factory.

Oso calls Rafa to tell him that he has returned. Rafa takes the opportunity to tell him about Manuel. Oso is in disbelief and starts crying; so, Rosa gets the phone to ask about services.

Everyone attends Manuel’s wake (apparently no autopsy!) since he was so well-loved by everyone. There, Alejo and Brenda meet and talk. Brenda comments that she didn’t always treat Manuel well, but she loved him. Alejo starts by suggesting that she reconcile with her sister and join her in defending their heritage together.

Alejo then outlines everything that has happened and how Brenda has reacted impulsively and without thinking of anyone else but herself. After he tells her that Diego stole from her father and that he is suspected of murdering him too, he adds that she has now become Diego’s ally. Brenda is left speechless.

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