Next On Ringo: Alejo Apologizes To A Rather Wooden Looking Ringo.

Julia Divorce Is Final

Rosa tells Carrizo about her diagnosis; so he tells her that he has contacted an expert in sports medicine and suggests that she get a second opinion. He promises that she will box again even if he has to turn her into a bionic woman.

Oh dear…Ringo is training but can’t focus. He tells Oso about his visit with Manuel and that they will fight for custody. After Ringo leaves, Alejo arrives and asks for Ringo. He assures Oso that he is not there to ask to fight against Ringo.

Alejo apologizes to a rather wooden looking Ringo. He states his stupidity for believing Brenda who he admits is “loco”. He tells Ringo he was blinded by everything Brenda said. Ringo has been like a brother to him.

He has to face the consequences and will understand if Ringo doesn’t forgive him. He calls him back and the “brothers” share an emotional hug. Teresa talks to Santi who tells her that it is he who doesn’t want to go back.

When he blames Julia for Ringo running off his mother, Teresa reminds him that his mother and father stopped loving each long ago. Santi insists that his mother loves his father so Teresa points out that his father stopped loving his mother…because his mother destroyed the love with so many things she did.

After she adds that Ringo now loves Julia, Santi threatens that if Ringo doesn’t leave Julia, he won’t return with Ringo…as Gloria listens and smiles. Teresa pleads with him to think of his father and reminds him all that Ringo has done for him…but Santi refuses to listen and reiterates that he wants his mother and father to be together.

Teresa gives up and hopes Santi will not regret it… Then, Gloria praises Santi and tells him that his father will eventually give in and they will be a family again. Gloria is delusional. Ringo sees Julia at Manuel’s office so she tells him about Diego taking over and Brenda giving him control.

Alejo who was following behind, asks what is happening so Julia explains about Diego stealing from the company and her father finding out. She mentions that Diego was responsible for Ivan’s murder but they still have no evidence. She then explains how Diego convinced Brenda to sign over control.

When Alejo suggests that they find someone who has shares and will side with Julia so that she can regain control, Eva blurts out that Manuel has his shares. Manuel explains what they will need to do. He is sure that with his shares Julia will regain control but advises that Diego should not know about this yet. Guevara can’t tolerate his bandage anymore.

After he asks Guachin how things are going, he admits he isn’t doing well, not only because of Rosa, but his wife is asking for everything. The men commiserate.

Luchis calls him and after telling him he better not be with Rosa, she pouts she wants to go out for tacos. Ringo tells Julia about Santi going with Gloria. Julia thinks it’s because of her, but Ringo assures her that it’s not. Gloria is manipulating Santi. He assures her that they will find a solution to everything…together. He gallantly kisses her hands.

More hand kisses, this time for Susana from Guevara. Guevara asks Oso about Rosa. Oso tells him he feels useless since he can’t help Rosa. Guevara reminds Oso about a boxer who had a severe injury but did not give up and concentrated on strengthening his neck muscles…eventually he boxed again and won. Oso will talk to Rosa and tell her the story to motivate her.

Where is my son He asks Gloria? He calls for Santi but he doesn’t answer. Ringo goes upstairs where Santi stares, indifferent. Santi greets his father by asking him if he left Julia! He says Julia has nothing to do with his love for Santi. He reminds Santi of everything Julia has done for him and how he used to like her, but Santi is set in his father being with his mother.

Teresa sternly reminds Ringo that Santi is his son and warns him not to choose Julia over him! Teresa wonders if Ringo will be able to stand not seeing Santi. However, Ringo will not leave Julia just to satisfy Gloria.

Eva calls Julia with wonderful news. Her divorce is final! Thank you she says as she smiles widely. She calls Ringo with the news – I’m free she exclaims! She is happy they won’t have to hide anymore. He wonders how long it will take for them to get married.

They talk about a romantic proposal. Brenda emerges from her cave to ruin Julia’s day, taunting her about losing the company presidency. Julia retorts she didn’t want control, that was their father’s idea!

Bratty Brenda cares not. Oso is knocking on Rosa’s empty apartment door. You are too late the landlady advises. Turco tells his guru that he feels that his place is with his wife. Guru wishes him well.

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