Akothee Wedding Cost – Sandra Dacha

Akothee spent Sh20 million for her lavish wedding held 6 days ago. Days after her beautiful wedding, details emerge that singer Akothee and her new husband Omosh likely spent between sh15m-20mil for their vows.

The cost of the ceremony was disclosed by close friend Sandra Dacha who was heavily involved in the planning of the event.

In an interview with YouTuber Trudy Kitui, Dacha said it was money well spent and has vowed not to beg for money from good wishers

“Cash money. hakukuwa na paybill, na hakuchangiwa and there was no committee” Sandra shared.

It took a month to pull it off, added Dacha.

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“I’ve been an event organizer from kitambo”

Dacha said this has helped her plan Akothees wedding to perfection. Celebrities who were invited were difficult to handle to some extent

“Those were some of the challenges nilipitia, but ni za kawaida”

She acknowledged the presence of gate crashers who displeased the bride. “Celebrities wrote waliinvitiwa, those who gatecrashed are bloggers”

Akothee’s wedding trended last week as Kenyans talked about every aspect of the ceremony.

The nuptials went down at the Windsor Hotel on April 10 where Akothees parents witnessed their daughter get married once again.

She became the talk of the town, as KOT declared she was no longer the President of Single Mothers.

In fact, Mc Jessy insisted she signed such a declaration in a hilarious video as he witnessed the nuptials.

Esther and Dennis will hold a second wedding in Switzerland in July.

The mother of five will be flying out her entire bridal team.

It will go down on July 10th and all the bridesmaids have been hailed as having had a significant role in her life.

Akothee gave a shoutout to each of them in individual posts on her social media.

“Allow me to introduce to you to The Royal Bridal Party gang, our super gang heading to Switzerland for July 10, 2023, Esther Weds Denis. The whole of this YEAR I am getting married start your planning next year,” she wrote.

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Celebrities present at the event included Ida Odinga, Nominated Senator Karen Nyamu, MP Millie Odhiambo, CS Aisha Jumwa, Diana Marua, Bahati, Terence Creative, Milly Chebby, Lillian Muli, Janet Mbugua, Alex Mwakideu, Njugush, Migori First Lady Agnes Ayacko, Kisumu First Lady Madam Dorothy Nyong’o, Sandra Dacha, PLO Lumumba, Dr Ofweneke, and many more.

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