Aisha Jumwa Biography, Ministry, Husband, Age, Education & career

Aisha Jumwa is the current CS for Public Service, Affirmative Action, and Gender in Kenya. She previously served as the Member of Parliament for Malindi Constituency. Her full name is Aisha Jumwa Karisa Katana.

She rose to prominence for her outspoken nature on a number of issues. Indeed, Aisha Jumwa is among the most popular female politicians if not the most popular.

CS Aisha Jumwa’s biography looks at this female politician who has become a household name in Kenyan politics. Aisha Juma has also served as the Kilifi County Woman Representative.

Aisha Jumwa’s Age

Aisha Jumwa was born in 1975 in Coast. She is currently 48 years old. Aisha Jumwa’s birthday is on 2 March 1975. However, Aisha Jumwa has a lovely smile and a dress code that resonates well among the youth and makes her youthful. What tribe is Aisha Jumwa? Aisha Jumwa comes from Takaungu village.

Aisha Jumwa’s husband and divorce history

She comes from a polygamous marriage with 6 wives and 28 siblings. Her parents are natives of Takaungu village in Kilifi County, Aisha Jumwa’s parents are Karisa Kata (father) and  Sidi Kazungu (mother).

She dropped in form two to get married. She has since been divorced thrice because of her interest in politics.

Aisha Jumwa met with Jomvu’s former Member of County Assembly, Karisa Nzai and the two tied a knot. Their marriage ended when she was elected as the Women’s Representative for Kilifi Country.

From her marriage, Aisha Jumwa was blessed with three children: a firstborn son and two daughters.

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Aisha Jumwa Education

She attended school at Takanga Primary School for her elementary education before moving to Murray Secondary School. She also proceeded to Ganze Secondary, where she dropped out in Form Two for lack of school fees, per Kenyans.

She said: “Because my father couldn’t afford to send us to school, I was married off at a throwaway price. We were the 24 daughters of the six women my father married. I am the only one in our family who has ever seen the light.”

Some online sources have indicated that She holds a degree in Commerce from Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology (JKUAT). Aisha Jumwa’s educational background also includes her certificate in governance from the same institution.

In an interview, she explained how her early life was filled with hardships:

“I attended primary from 1983 to 1991 where I dropped out due to lack of school fees. I was at home and there was absolutely no prospect to expand my horizon. Early marriage awaited me with open arms, I became a mother of my firstborn. This is one of the practices that must be curbed.”

Aisha Jumwa later enrolled for KCSE in 2011 as a private candidate.

“When I lost elections, I reflected and took stock. I went back to school and completed KCSE in 2011. I Proceeded to JKUAT and graduated with Governance in 2022.”

Aisha Jumwa’s husband and marriage

Aisha Jumwa is currently single but she was once married to her husband. Her rather social and outgoing political nature may be the reason for her marriage’s failure. She is on record for saying that her marriage failed because of disagreements with her husband who wanted her not to join politics.

Aisha Jumwa’s political career

Inside the CS Aisha Jumwa biography is the story of a former councilor who turned to Women’s Rep and became the strongest Party whip for any political party in the coastal region.

Aisha Jumwa’s political career manifests her strong support for former DP and current Kenyan President William Ruto. It is through her support for Ruto that Aisha Jumwa won the favor of the president and was appointed as a CS for Gender. She has also landed in court in the past year and has several active cases.

Aisha Jumwa’s net worth and salary

Appearing before the vetting committee, Aisha Jumwa’s net worth was revealed as did other nominees for positions of Cabinet Secretaries.

She said her net worth is Kes 100 million. As a CS, she currently earns more than Kes 1 million per month.

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