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After Kasarani Protests, Nairobian Calling For President Uhuru To Bring Mike Sonko Back.

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Mr President, we know and believe in your Government and committed fighting against Corruption. But, Mike Sonko is your loyal person who has stood with you this far. You gave Sonko a responsibility to reform youths in Nairobi county. Gov. Mike Sonko has worked tirelessly and reformed youths from committing crime into working as county casuals.

Sonko has reformed youths from streets taking them to children’s homes.
The Governor had achieved a lot within a short life span. We understand Mike Sonko has his weaknesses but that cannot be used against him. Mr. President all the youths Mike Sonko had reformed have gone back to streets,

Insecurity cases in the city are rampant and suicidal thoughts among youths these cases have gone high. in the past two weeks. Sonko was arrested, his bank Accounts closed illegally so that Sonko will be unable to pay salaries for the SRT and feed those he has been reforming through his foundation.

Street families cannot afford even a rope to commit suicide as per video in circulation. The incident happened yesterday when a frustrated young man was chased away from school and the rehabilitation center making his life difficult. He is unable to meet Mike Sonko to help him back as the moment Mike Sonko was arrested all county rehabilitation centers closed down as sabotage to Mike Sonko.

Please make peace between Mike Sonko and the system and bring Mike Sonko back.
We all know that Sonko has fought enough wars to increase revenue collection and this has created so many enemies for him. We urge you, Mr. President, to intervene and bring back Mike Sonko to Nairobi.

The court ruling in the case of the Samburu governor, allows governors facing cases to continue discharging their duties but avoid the scene of the crime.

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