After BBI Prepare To Take One Meal; Why They Must Change The Constitution Before 2022

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√ Kenyatta family is sure even if they bank in Raila, he won’t beat Ruto 2022.

√ The system (cartels) that started controlling the state since the mzee Kenyatta regime, is the same controlling even now ~ They fear Ruto will come inn with the new system.

√ Kenyatta family fears that the new system, will enforce the implementation of Ndungu’s report ,that will make them loose all their lands .

√ Moi’s families fears that ndungu’s report, will make them loose Moi tea zone belonged to ( akwanja group)

√ Raila believed that the new system might implement the Weak leaks report, which can send him to ICC due to 2007-2008 violence.

√ Kenyatta family might loose their home withing State house compound, the state house land was 100 acres Now it’s 91 acres.

√ Kenyatta family believe that the new system ,will stop Government from paying Kenyatta family SGR dept.

√ Kenyatta family believes that the new system will cancel the agreement deal, by Mzee Kenyatta and Quine Elizabeth, about Lake Victoria water, where they earn billions of Kenya Shillings.

√ If the new system cames, Kenyatta family fears that they will loose their new Naivasha port to the government .

√ Uhuru fears that heas breanch the rule of Law, and he might find himself in hot soup, if the new system carries the day.

√ Dynasties want the Prime Minister post created before 2022, so that they can be on save side.

BBI is about poor feeding the rich till the death.

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