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African Are Against Bill Gates Now, The Same Man Providing Free Immunization of Your Kids. COVID- 19

African Against Bill Gates Now

Many Africans have a false ideology that Bill Gates is an antichrist. This is the same man that is paying for the free immunization children gets. The same people calling him the Antichrist are the same individuals that have benefited from his good gestures.

Polio was once the most deadliest disease children face. In 1988, about 1,000 children die in a day due to Polio Virus. 

Polio is a deadly infectious disease, which invade the nervous system, and cause paralysis. Two to ten percent of infected kids die. Others get paralysed. 

Polio affected thousands of kids in Nigeria. According to WHO In 2012, Nigeria accounted for more than half of all polio cases worldwide.

Bill Gates, whose third world vaccination programs have contributed to Africa’s population explosion, suggested that heaping tons of money onto Africa while taking steps to prevent transit into Europe is the best solution.

In 2014, during Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure, the Nigerian government borrowed about $76 million from Japan to fund its fight against the disease.

According to Quartz, Billionaire philanthropists Bill and his wife Melinda Gates, through their foundation, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will pay off the $76 million debts Nigeria government borrowed from Japan government to fight the disease. The payments will be made across 20 years. 

In August of 2019, Nigeria celebrated the milestone of going three years without a reported case of poliovirus in the country. It’s a great feat considering the fact that in 2012, the reported cases of poliovirus in Nigeria was the the highest in the world. 

The Bill and Melinda Foundation has supported the world, most especially the African continent in health, education, etc They spent about $3 billion in 2017 to help stop the spread of the disease. 

NIGERIA /s Kano / 6 June 2010 Bill Gates, Co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, meets with children of a Koranic school while walking with a house-to-house vaccination team in the Gwammaja ward, Dala LGA, Kano on 6 June 2010 during Polio Immunization Plus days. He was accompanied by Hajiya Rabi, Ward Focal Person, Dr. Abdulrahman Yakubu, Kano State Immunization Officer, Ahmed Usman, ward leader, Dr. Takai of WHO & Michael Galway of BMGF. Bill Gates visited Gwammaja to review progress of the polio program and to congratulate health workers and leaders for their efforts.

Despite the billionaires we have in Africa, none could pay off the loan of $76 million. None could even donate up to $20 million for the fight. Yet, Nigerians didn’t call anyone of them Antichrist. But would rather call Bill Gate (a foreigner that have given more to Nigerians than what any Nigerian have given) an Antichrist. Every Nigerian has benefited from him directly or indirectly.

If you can’t appreciate him for his philanthropic act, it’s better you remain silent than insult your helper. 

We should stop spewing conspiracy theories, it won’t help anybody.

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