#RacismInChina: Kenya Must Completely Review it’s UNEVEN & IMMORAL Relationship With RACISM in China.

RACISM in China

Kenya must courageously and boldly seize on the COVID 19 tragedy to completely review its relationship with China.

Already many countries including Italy and Spain are tightening their foreign take over rules to make it harder for China to buy their distressed companies.

British MPs have become vocal in their agitation to greatly limit China’s future involvement in any of the UK’s strategic industries including 5G.


Their actions have exposed them to the mean, selfish, CRUEL and bigoted people they ACTUALLY are.

I suggest my country Kenya does the following:

  1. Consider issuing a LONG TERM PATRIOTIC BOND PRICED AT $50,000 per piece (5 million shillings each). If 140,000 Kenyans bought that bond, Kenya can pay the 700 billion we owe the Chinese and send them packing to go and continue practicing their RACISM IN CHINA.

700 billion SHILLINGS is equal to US$7billions or about 7% of our country’s ENTIRE GDP.
$7000,000,000/$50,000=140000 buyers.
The price could be reduced to US$5000 to include more Kenyans. We would need 1.4 patriotic Kenyans to meet this URGENT GOAL OF RESCUING KENYA FROM THE CRUEL RACISM SHACKLES OF CHINA.

RACISM in China
President Uhuru in China

Our country could make the interest payable on that PATRIOTIC BOND TAX-FREE. I believe there are enough Kenyans fed up with the pathetically selfish and bigoted behavior of the Racism in Chinese and would happily subscribe/invest in such a bond to save Kenya from the immoral acts of China’s CRUELTY.

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I am without doubt the Nairobi Stock Exchange would competently process such a bond issue including facilitating the future trading of such bonds in the secondary market.

  1. Kenya must pass a law to FORBID land or property ownership by the Chinese nationals under whatever circumstances. Many countries including Israel have such laws targetted at foreign nationals to protect their own citizens and their national security priorities. The land is already a very emotive issue among indigenous Kenyans. Introducing to that mixed ownership by the RACISM of CHINESE GREED is incubating FUTURE VIOLENCE. Kenyans will be only too familiar with land matters and their unpleasant consequences.
  1. Drastically reduce the number of work visas issued to Chinese nationals. It is IMMORAL to give work permits to Chinese or other nationalities for jobs such as work clerks, builders, and drivers while many willing, ready and unemployed Kenyan youths idle away without work. All decent countries in the world understand that piece of commonsense.
  1. Strict supervision of Chinese enterprises to ensure adherence to fair labor standards to STOP EXPLOITATION of Kenyans on their own soil. Kenyans who choose to retaliate after abuse or racism from the Chinese must be applauded for their patriotic defense of their country’s honor and dignity.
  1. Fast track the deportation of Chinese nationals engaged in criminality especially cybercrime and poaching. They should be of course tried and deported after serving time for these crimes in Kenyan jails.
  1. Not allow Chinese involvement in strategic industries such as ports, aviation, telecommunication or security. Other countries have passed laws to curtail Chinese involvement in these. Those countries UNDERSTAND China’s EVIL INTENTIONS. KENYA REMAINS NAIVE!
  1. Use the tax system to discourage importation of products Kenyans can readily and cheaply produce. Our country has used the crisis to produce own masks and other health consumables from Eldoret to KITUI. This is the future. Why should Kenyans be eating QUESTIONABLE QUALITY Chinese fish thereby decimating the livelihoods of Kenyan fishermen at the Coast and Lake Victoria?
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Kenya’s window to escape from future CHINESE SLAVERY is closing fast. The time to act is NOW! that they are practicing Racism

I remind Kenyans that it is their PATRIOTIC duty to defy the UNPATRIOTIC acts of our selfish and CORRUPT leaders who have sadly GONE TO BED WITH THE CHINESE without considering our country’s national interests and the welfare of Kenyan citizens.

Kenya’s best interest lies IN DESIGNATING Racism from China as a HOSTILE and a partner to be dealt with at ARMS LENGTH on a need by need basis moving forward. It’s what countries are preparing to do Post COVID-19.

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