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Big Story: After African Presidents Come together and Endorsed Madagascar COVID- 19 Cure.


Many efforts have been taken by the world health organization in the discovery of COVID-19 drugs, but few of them have worked. However, the African leaders have not been left behind, after endorsing the adoption of COVID-19 organic medicine.

The presidents present in the meeting were; Cyril Ramaphosa (African Union Chairperson and South Africa), Abdul Fatah El Sisi(Egypt), Felix Tshisekedi (DRC), Uhuru Kenyatta(Kenya), Paul Kagame(Rwanda), Mahamadou Issoufou (Niger), Idris Derby(Chad), Boubacar Keita(Mali), Andry Rajoelina(Madagascar).

This happened in a teleconference call involving ten African Presidents, discussed adopting the COVID-19 organic medications. Uhuru Kenyatta was part of this endorsement. This is a big step towards the fight of coronavirus pandemic, in an indigenous way.

This discussion arose after Madagascar developed COVID organic medicine to treat COVID-19 patients. This was made official earlier 20th April 2020, by the president of Madagascar Andry Rajoelina. They also discussed future plans to tackle such cases if they happen to occur.

This move is a perfect move towards eradicating the corona pandemic. many scientists across Africa will feel the motivation, which will create togetherness and come up with a more powerful drug.

However, WHO warned of carrying out self-medication, saying that they have not recommended any drug to treat corona.

This could be the best time to say goodbye to the corona virus. Unity makes everything possible including pandemics such as corona, which has caused loss of lives over a short period of time.

Good bye corona.

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