Administration Police Officer (AP) Duties, Salary In Kenya

An Administration Police Officer (AP) is a law enforcement officer in Kenya who is responsible for maintaining law and order in various parts of the country. They work under the command of the Inspector General of Police and are primarily tasked with ensuring the safety and security of Kenyan citizens.

AP officers are usually deployed in rural areas and other remote parts of the country where regular police officers may not be available.

Their duties include responding to emergencies, conducting patrols, providing security for government officials and buildings, and maintaining peace during public events.

AP officers undergo a rigorous training program at the Administration Police Training College in Embakasi, Nairobi. The training covers various areas such as law enforcement, public safety, and human rights.

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In addition to their regular duties, AP officers may also be involved in other activities such as disaster response, community policing, and border control.

They work in collaboration with other law enforcement agencies such as the regular police, the Kenya Wildlife Service, and the Kenya Forest Service to ensure the safety and security of Kenyan citizens.

AP Duties and Responsibility

The duties and responsibilities of an Administration Police Officer (AP) in Kenya include:

  1. Maintaining law and order: AP officers are responsible for ensuring that law and order is maintained in the areas they are deployed. This involves conducting patrols, responding to emergencies, and addressing any security threats that may arise.
  2. Protecting citizens: AP officers are tasked with protecting citizens from harm and ensuring their safety. They provide security for government officials, public buildings, and events.
  3. Preventing crime: AP officers work to prevent crime by conducting regular patrols, gathering intelligence, and collaborating with other law enforcement agencies.
  4. Enforcing the law: AP officers enforce the law by arresting and detaining suspects, filing charges, and testifying in court.
  5. Disaster response: AP officers may be involved in disaster response efforts, such as providing assistance during floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters.
  6. Community policing: AP officers work with community leaders and members to build trust and promote cooperation between law enforcement and the public.
  7. Border control: AP officers are responsible for controlling Kenya’s borders and preventing illegal activities such as smuggling.
  8. Human rights protection: AP officers are required to respect and protect the human rights of all individuals, including suspects and detainees.
  9. Training and mentoring: AP officers may also be involved in training and mentoring new recruits or other law enforcement personnel.

Overall, the duties and responsibilities of an AP officer are diverse and demanding, requiring a high level of commitment, professionalism, and dedication to public service.

Administration Police Officer (AP) Salary In Kenya

The salary of an Administration Police Officer (AP) in Kenya varies based on rank and years of service. Here is a breakdown of the expected monthly gross salary for AP officers in Kenya as of 2021:

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  1. Constable (Recruit) – Ksh 32,880
  2. Constable – Ksh 35,670
  3. Corporal – Ksh 42,660
  4. Sergeant – Ksh 50,220
  5. Senior Sergeant – Ksh 55,830
  6. Assistant Inspector – Ksh 89,970
  7. Inspector – Ksh 102,210
  8. Chief Inspector – Ksh 109,089
  9. Assistant Superintendent – Ksh 130,590
  10. Superintendent – Ksh 153,435

It’s important to note that these figures are subject to change and may vary based on other factors such as allowances and deductions.

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