4 Important Facts Why Men Should Bath Atleast Twice In A Day.


The fear of water is associated with men.They say they are not like fish to live in water.To look clean and smart is a personal responsibility.

There are those who don’t care and will only interact with water when taking medicine, drinking, or soup. Men should bath at least twice a day and women can bath once.

This is due to the following reasons,


1) Do a lot of heavy work

The man has to toil so that the family can have something to eat. One has to wake up early in the morning and report in the evening with something. These works are heavy and require the body to use more energy.

With the generation of power then excess sugar is secreted to allow the body to go the extra mile.

2) Have more active excretory hormones

You will notice that some men even without performing some duties just sweat. There are those who when eating will sweat and also those who when thinking will sweat.

It is because their hormones are very active and thus due to their hardship it secretes more unwanted sugar from the body to reduce pressure.


3) Sweat much at night

Men are twice stressed than women at night. This is because they hold many secrets and problems to themselves compared to women who share relieving themselves.

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Stress activates hormones and thus one will sweat. Taking a late-night bath is essential to ensure a night of good sleep for the pores will be distressed.

4) Are inferior to skin diseases skin

Skin disease is easily and rapidly spread across men. With the hard skin(not smooth compared to those of women) dirt forms a coating in the skin and shades it off.

These give one another layer in skin and look strange. The smell of also accumulated dirt is scary and makes people (including fellow men) run away from you.


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