A Man Rewarded 6 Month Supply Of Noodles After Returning KSh 490k He Found Inside Noodles Carton.

Noodles: A media personality identified as Certified Camill recently took to Twitter to share the story of an honest Nigerian man called Chidiebere Ogbonna.

Describing the man as his personality of the week, Camill said that the kind-hearted man bought a carton of noodles, and when he realized that a huge sum of money was in the carton, he returned the noodle box quickly to where he bought it from.

Camill revealed that the money in the noodle box was KSh 490,000. The broadcaster said Ogbonna revealed that the reason he returned the money was that it was not his and he was also scared.

According to him, when he took it back to where he bought the carton of noodles from, the seller was really excited. He noted that the seller said the money was the payment for some goods.

To reward his honesty and saving him from debt, the noodles’ seller rewarded Ogbonna with free cartons of noodles for the next six months.

According to Camill who shared his story, people like Ogbonna are rare to find.


As expected, Nigerians and others from other parts of the continent took to his comment section to hail Ogbonna, noting that what he did was noble and rare.

“Mr. Chidiebere Ogbonna is my personality of the week. He bought a carton of noodles yesterday only to realize it was money worth 1.8 million in the carton and he returned it to the seller.
It’s rare to find people like this these days,” reads in his post 👏👏👏

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