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Needy And Greedy Kitui Mcas Opt To Flout Public Health Order, Risk People’s Lives As They Congregate For Ngilu’s Budget Handouts.


As you read this, plans are being finalized by our greedy, needy and broke Kitui MCAs to congregate on Wednesday, pocket Ngilu’s promised handouts and pass her crafty supplementary budget.

The nefarious plans have been tipped to us by our strategic and reliable moles who are concerned that the village mwesimiwas will obviously contravene the standing public health directives, thus putting their lives and those of tens of thousands of Kituians to grave danger.ūüė≠

The sole driving desire for this seemingly illegal assembly slated for Wednesday, we have reliably been informed, is to line the pockets of the MCAs with Ksh20,000 each as has been promised by the embattled Ngilu.

It will be remembered that 5 days ago, the assembly suspended its sittings in line with the public health directive meant to curb the spread of the Corona Virus. Sadly, the broke musimiwas whom we are informed have committed their salaries to loans are ever salivating for a bribery opportunity from the embattled governor. The passage of the supplementary budget has provided this opportunity and the musimiwas have vowed to defy all the public health cautions.

One of our tipping MCA is however cagey about attending the health risk gathering although he acknowledges salivating for the offered bribe that will only be paid if the MCAs pass Ngilu’s thieving supplementary budget.

“It is true we are to meet on Wednesday to discuss the supplementary budget. I’m not sure whether I will attend sababu hii kitu bwana (COVID 19) sio mchezo” stated the tipster.

Our highly placed moles have intimated to us that 3 village mwesimiwas are at the forefront in support of the illegal gathering and were even heard protesting the adjournment of the assembly sittings if only to earn some allowances. These MCAs who are being described as needy and greedy ravenous rascals are; Thuvi, Nzamba, and Kalumaita The rest of the over 40 are not any better!

And now, a lobby group going by the title Stoppers of COVID 19 – KITUI Chapter is appealing to Kitui County commissioner and the entire security team to stop the MCAs from their health-threatening clandestine assembly.

“We want police to be extremely vigilant and enforce the directives as spelt out by the IG and the ministry of health. Any gathering whether by MCAs or any other entity stands suspended. Let them hunt down those ward reps on Wednesday and arrest them in their hideouts and holes. They can’t risk people’s lives due to their insatiable greed” fumed Rael, one of the lobbyists.

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