5 Signs of Infertility in Women You Should Know

Infertility in Women

Not having a baby for a lifetime is very overwhelming. Infertility is defined as the failure to conceive for at least more than a year of trying. It should be noted it affects both men and women but we will focus on women in this article.

Research shows that 10-18 percent of couples have difficulty getting pregnant and this causes a lot of frustrations and stressful moments in their lifetime. 

It is recommended that if you experience such condition, you should seek specialized medical attention from licensed medical practitioners.

Here are some of the signs of infertility in women;

1. Menstrual cycles irregularities.

Research shows that menstruation is irregular when it begins at teenage years but continued irregular conditions can be a sign of ovulation problems.

The major causes of irregular periods include; excessive exercise, insufficient ovary, being underweight or overweight, and thyroid dysfunction. A common problem associated with this is a polycystic ovarian syndrome.

2. Getting old.

It should be noted that fertility declines as you grow old, mostly at the age of 35 years for women. At this age, a woman may experience a miscarriage or have a baby with a medical condition.

3. Terminal illnesses 

Research shows that conditions like diabetes,celiac disease and hypothyroidism increases risks for infertility.

4. No periods

It is expected that a woman should have periods after every one month but failed to have them can be a red flag to an underlying condition of infertility.

5. Fluctuations in hormones

This indicates potential issues with fertility. It is advisable to seek medical attention if you experience skin-related issues, weight gain, and thin hair.

Infertility in Women

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