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5 Kenyan Billionaires Who ‘Runs’ this Country Behind The Screens

5 Kenyan Billionaires Who 'Runs' this Country Behind The Screens

Billionaires in this country might have bottomless bank accounts and still maintain a low profile from the public for reasons better known to them. These people include;

1. John Kibunga Kimani.

He is a stock markets Guru who is famously known as one of the prominent investors in Kenya. In 2018, he pocketed ksh80 million after selling his 3 million shares in Total Oil Company.

He is renowned in Kenya for acquiring large shares in several companies here in Kenya like Nation Media Group, East African Breweries Limited, and Conglomerate.

2. Amin Nanji Juma

He is one of the wealthiest people on Nairobi’s Stock Exchange. He owns more than 15 million shares of East Africa’s Media Power House, Nation Group Media.

Though little is known about him, Amin Juma is believed to be having a net worth of more than 3.5 billion. View pictures in App save up to 80% of data.

3. Jimmy Wanjigi

He came out publicly after the death of Jacob Juma who was also his in-law and subsequent alignment with Raila Odinga’s campaign in 2017.

4. Francis Mburu

He is one of the Billionaires who was unknown to the public until the Ruaraka Land saga. Before then nobody was aware that the man owned more than 50 companies. He went ahead to say that he was not a billionaire but just a rich man.

5. Pius Ngugi

He owns Kenya Nut Company and Thika Coffee Mills whose net worth is more than Ksh4 billion.

His company is regarded as the major exporter of macadamia in which he made a profit of more than 6 billion in 2016.

He owns several other companies like Amazon Motors, a manufacturer of sweets and winery.

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