35-Year-Old Man Forced Through A Rite In front Of Family Members

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A 35-year-old man from Butali Village in Malava Constituency, Kakamega County was on Monday forcibly circumcised as his family watched.

Residents accused him of playing hide and seek with the knife for over 20 years.

Douglas Olumwachi was circumcised in front of his family, including his two children.

His father, Francis Olumwachi, said his son had proved evasive and slippery since his teenage years.

“I am now glad my son can join the table of men,” he said.

Douglas thanked the community for organizing the rite of passage.

“I’m grateful to the community for organising my circumcision. I can now rest easy without fearing that they would come for me in subsequent initiation seasons,” he said.

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