2022 Presidential Candidate UHURU Might Possibly SUPPORT After Disowning RUTO.

Presidential Candidate

For decades now, the presidential baton has been crisscrossing between Kikuyu and Kalenjin communities. And as historical Jews whose generation stood the wrath of NAZI persecutions so will Kikuyu-Kalenjin dominance in Kenya’s political sphere as long as tribal jingoism remains viable.

Speaking in Malulu, Vihiga county, president Uhuru Kenyatta affirmed that the presidency is not a preserve of two communities but every community has a right to occupy that which was once under Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel Moi, Mwai Kibaki, and Uhuru Kenyatta’s custody.

Whereas Uhuru’s utterance has been interpreted to mean he will forego Jubilee Coalition’s 2013 pre-election pact, it cements a famous hypothetical tale currently doing rounds of him letting William Ruto be.

Assuming the son of Kenyatta was not exercising his jaws, he will predictably walk his talk by throwing his gauntlets behind a non-Kikuyu and non-Kalenjin candidate. Should he take such a step, there are three possible presidential hopefuls he will support:

Raila Amollo Odinga

Even dullard observe will nod in approval that UhuRaila’s newfound camaraderie is a glistering day in day out as his bond with Ruto increase inversely.

Hitherto, the veteran is Ruto’s greatest stumbling block and since the son of Sugoi is not in good terms with the much dreaded Deep state, they will predictably support whoever is well placed to humble Samoei, and in such a case, Raila is the right man.

Uhuru’s closest ally; David Murathe has since challenged Kenyans to prepare themselves psychologically for Raila’s presidency. If you are good in computations, by now you have a glimpse of what will happen should Uhuru rally his fandoms behind Raila Odinga. 

Raila -2022 Presidential Candidate
Raila Odinga – 2022 Presidential Candidate

Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi

The soft-spoken ANC leader is also on the list of Kenya’s next potential presidents. With vast political, managerial, and economical skills, Musalia has all it takes to salvage the country from the economical abyss the Jubilee government has plunged the country into.

All MaDvd needs is to break his coon and come out clear and splendid. Uhuru’s move to make such utterances in Musalia’s home than spending a night with him was not an accident, metrologists can tell you that.

Were it not the power of ‘Dark forces’ which manipulated Kenyatta’s son in 2013, he was damn willing to support Musalia and since he is no longer their target, he can easily do that he never did in 2013.

Mudavadi is also a close ally of ODM doyen Raila Odinga. After the disputed and controversial 2007 elections, Agwambo preferred Musalia to Ruto. Ma-Dvd has been supportive and respectful to Agwambo and as the famous Igbo saying goes; A child that washes his hands dines with kings.

Mudavadi 2022 Presidential Candidate
ANC Mudavadi – 2022 Presidential Candidate

Fred Matiang’i

The no-nonsense cabinet secretary(cs) has over the years watermarked himself as a performer. This has earned him president’s favor and many regard him as Uhuru’s Mr-Fix-It.

Matiang’i has over the years got closer to the nucleus of power and Jomo’s son seems comfortable being around Fred than he is to his deputy.

Worth a note is; UhuRaila is working together and one of the missions their dalliance is set to achieve is to dispirit Ruto’s course. Raila is ready to wrestle William but if odds prove impractical, they will verily front a joint Presidential candidate for the feat.

Holiday 2022 Presidential Candidate
Fred Matiang’i – 2022 Presidential Candidate

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