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2022 Politics: Gideon Moi Vs William Samoei Ruto


By Comrade Banana Peddler

Fellow compatriots, I will tell you August 2022 will indelibly remain august in our hearts as Kenyans. This is the time Kenyans will bury the shackles of perpetual tribal slavery. We shall openly resist and reject the dynasties that seek to throw us into economic and social slavery. In 2022, we shall expel domination and oppression. We will defy any attempt to harass, intimidate, and steal take away our inalienable right to elect a leader of our choice under a peaceful, free, fair, and credible process.

This time around, when dynasties and sons of Mau Mau home guards come like a tempest, the brave people of this great nation will raise a standard against them with their votes. This time, the fearless people of Kenya will ensure no imposter is wrongly declared the winner.

Today I got the wind there will be a PG meeting tomorrow where KANU will merge with Jubilee and install the clay-footed Gideon Moi as the coalition chair. Nevertheless, I don’t know what BABA will be in this coalition. No wonder Junet and Orengo are unhappy lately.

Just asking, how many votes will Gideon bring on the table? I want to assure Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta that if they front Gideon Moi to face Dr. William Ruto in a free fair and credible election, he will lose before the process sets about.

Uhuru and Raila fear Ruto because they think he’ll repossess the commonwealth that their fathers stole from Kenyans. They are afraid of him because they know he will be a democratic government of the people, by the people and for the people and never a government of the mighty, by the mighty and for the mighty. That is why they are determined to stop him.
They fear William because he is the only man who will courageously ask them to explain how they aggrandized their billions or show him a tree in their compounds that grow money.

Too bad for them, this time Kenyans will not go to sleep. They must not go to sleep. Dynasties know their time is up. They either shape up or ship out.
My advice to Kenyans, August 2022 is around the corner. When the time comes, you must seize the moment and say “NEVER AGAIN” to rigging and barbarous subversion of the honest-to-goodness wishes and aspirations of the plebs.

For elections to turn out the desired way, you must insist that your votes must count. Otherwise, you will have yourselves to blame, like Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar: “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”

The person I thought would save Kenyans was bought with billions, neutralized in handshake and lived in a fool’s paradise thereafter. What manner of man is this that sought to rule over the cultured people of Kenya?

In 2022, it is not Dr. Ruto who shall win. No! It is the great and valiant people of Kenya that the victory will belong to. As a hustler, Dr. William today represents the new face of true democracy in our nation. When the right time comes, Kenyans will display their rich pedigree of wisdom with royal courage.

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