This Is Governor Salary On a Monthly Basis in Kenya

Governor Salary in Kenya

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares The basic salary of a governor in Kenya is Ksh1, 111,673 while his/her deputy pockets monthly salary of Ksh 728,831 He is the CEO of a county, he oversees all the finances, recruitment, projects, and any aspect associated with a county. Due to the amount of power he oozes, this person has become a small god in his county. People have to bow before him to get services, jobs, and tenders and due to his powerful position, he decides who to get a job, tenders, and services awarded…

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How To Apply For Birth Certificate at e-Citizen

Birth Certificate at e-Citizen

TweetShareSharePin11 Shares Kenyan population increases every day due to the high birthrate in the county. This has seen many people struggling to acquire birth certificates which are very important these days as there are many things one can not do for their children without having a birth certificate like including their names in a medical cover or registering them in school. Because of this the offices that produce this document jas been overwhelmed especially in overpopulated towns/cities. The government came up with a solution that can be used by the…

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Cost of Acquiring a Personalized Number Plate in Kenya

Personalized Number Plate in Kenya

TweetShareSharePin1111 Shares A personalized number plate in Kenya can be seen as a statement of individuality. However, not many Kenyans can afford this luxury enjoyed only by a few. According to National Transport and Safety Authority database, the number of Kenyans with custom plates is just but a handful. The Luxury of personalized number plate can be taken as a security concern but this is not always the case. It is a basic issue of personal branding. The government introduced new regulations that will cost you Kshs 1,000,000 to register a personalized number plate. This fee…

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Days Are Numbered For Digital Money Lenders And Shylocks

Digital Money Lenders And Shylocks

TweetShareSharePin22 Shares In a law barring their operation without the authority of the Central Bank of Kenya, an MP has moved to rid the country of unlicensed digital money lenders and shylocks. According to nominated MP Gideon Keter, the role of CBK should be expanded for it to license and regulate all persons, institutions, or firms lending money to Kenyans. This means that if it is passed, it would be illegal for any person, institution, or firm from lending money to Kenyans unless licensed by the Central Bank of Kenya.…

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Kalonzo Pokes Muthama’s Nerves At Burial In Near Open Physical Confrontation

Kalonzo Pokes Muthama's Nerves At Burial In Near Open Physical Confrontation

TweetShareSharePin33 Shares Drama yesterday ensued at Mitaboni Primary School grounds in Machakos County between Wiper party leader Kalonzo Musyoka and former Machakos Senator Johnstone Muthama during the burial of African Inland Church (AIC) bishop Bernard Nguyo, where several leaders from Ukambani had attended. This occurred after Kalonzo made remarks that touched on Muthama’s domestic front which almost led to a physical confrontation between the two. Kalonzo and Agnes Kavindu (Muthama’s wife with whom they are separated and is Wiper’s candidate in the Machakos senatorial by-election) arrived together at the tail…

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Race For Chief Justice Position Is On As 13 Geared In Battle

Chief Justice Position

TweetShareSharePin55 Shares The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has said that they will immediately start the process of verifying the Chief Justice applications to ensure they meet qualifications before shortlisting candidates for interviews. This is after the 21 day application period came to a close with a total of 13 top lawyers, legal scholars and judges engage in battle for the post of Chief Justice recently vacated by David Maraga, who retired last month. JSC Secretary Ann Amadi said, “The commission will proceed to shortlist and publicize the list within 14…

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See Westland View Of The Nairobi Expressway

Nairobi Expressway

TweetShareSharePin88 Shares Emerging along the urban corridors of Westlands is an elevated section of the upcoming Nairobi Expressway. The project which is one of the interventions to decongest Nairobi and by extension, a critical part of the Northern corridor is quickly taking shape. As work is ongoing, the project’s impact is being already felt in the local supply chain market where materials such as cement, reinforcement steel, timber, sand and fuel are all being sourced locally. The Nairobi Expressway is expected to awaken the economic potential of Nairobi which is…

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“You Have No Business in Handing Over The Presidency, Don’t Keep Threatening Ruto!” President Uhuru Told

President Uhuru Told

TweetShareSharePin1010 Shares Ruto’s close ally Denis Itumbi has told Off President Uhuru Kenyatta after His Claims today that He has the role to hand over the leadership button to His successor, even as we head towards the 2022 elections. Uhuru Kenyatta was speaking in Nairobi today after the engagements with Officials from the Ministry of Education. Itumbi said attacked President Uhuru Kenyatta saying that when 2022 finally comes, Kenyans will go to the polling stations and vote for themselves and with the help of their God they will find a suitable leader who will be the head…

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