European Union HIGHLY Impressed With Uganda Poll

European Union

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesAmbassador Atillio Pacific, who is the Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation in Uganda, has said they are impressed with the level of organization and peaceful conduct exhibited during the presidential and parliamentary polls held on Thursday. “We saw an extremely well-organized election exercise with people very orderly waiting to cast their votes and everything went on very peacefully. We are very impressed…the (Electoral Commission) presiding officers were very professional,” Ambassador Pacifici said. The EU delegation chief made the remarks Friday while speaking to journalists at Kololo Ceremonial…

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Oracle 1 Records Wows Gospel Fans With A New Hit “Made A Way’

Oracle 1 Records

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesOracle 1 Records of God’s spiritual sons one Frank Vishal and Dickson Were are the newly shinning artists in the gospel industry. The two have now released a new cover song dubbed “Made away”. Now they are becoming the favorite boy band in town. However they are not showing any sign of slowing down with their beautiful voices. The video, which clocked more than 50,000 views since it was released on the Rev Lucy Natasha YouTube channel on January 16, has received positive feedback from the many fans of the…

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Ann Kananu Mwenda Biography, Career, Family, Husband, Net Worth

Ann Kananu Mwenda Biography

TweetShareSharePin1717 SharesAnn Kananu Mwenda is the current Governor for the Nairobi County after serving for several months as a Deputy Governor under the recently impeached Mike Kioko Mbuvi “Sonko”. Her nomination was done the last year 2020 by the ex-governor Sonko, two years after his deputy Igathe quit. Ann’s confirmation as Nairobi’s Governor was done on the 15th of January 2021 by the Assembly, Majority leader after anonymous voting. “Together, we will work round the clock and go the extra mile to ensure that the aspirations of Nairobi people are not only met…

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“NO elections 2022?” Oburu Odinga Remarks That CAUSED Mixed Reactions

Oburu Odinga

TweetShareSharePin55 SharesToday, Oburu Odinga, a brother to Raila Odinga took to his Facebook page and claimed that there might be no elections in 2022. He continued to say that Raila Odinga was sworn in 2017 as people’s president but handing over since the illegitimate one (Uhuru Kenyatta) was in power. He also said that Raila Odinga will take over with no elections held. What if NO elections 2022? The Deep State of Kenya is not someone’s agemate. There might be no Presidential election next year because in 2017, a people’s President was sworn…

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“Report To Work Or Be Sacked,” Governor Warned Health Workers.

Governor Warned Health Workers

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesKisii County Governor James Ongwae has Warned Health Workers in Kisii county who are on the strikes to get back to work immediately or be fired by the county government. According to Governor Ongwae who addressed warned the health workers who are on the strike not to lament and blame his government if they get sacked by the government. Ongwae has insisted that the health workers strike is illegal in the country and there is a need to be warned before disciplinary action commence to be taken against those who are on the strike…

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Next On Maria Citizen Tv Series: Get Out Of My House, You Are A Disgrace To My Life’

Next On Maria Citizen Tv Series

TweetShareSharePin1010 SharesMaria Citizen Tv Series; In this episode, we are going to talk about Brenda and Delilah. The episode starts as Brenda and Delilah are seen in the house relaxed but Delilah is seen angry with Brenda. Delilah can be heard asking Brenda why will enter the house straight without even knocking? But Brenda speaking in a soft voice asks her how will I know that you and Victor we’re here and by the way you never closed the door. So me I thought you were all alone and that’s why I just entered in…

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Eric Omondi’s Italian Ex-Girlfriend Proudly Flaunts Her New Afro- Boyfriend

Eric Omondi's Italian Ex-Girlfriend

TweetShareSharePin99 SharesChantal Grazioli, the pretty lady who was dating popular comedian Eric Omondi, has confirmed that she has moved on and found a new man. Last year, Chantal took to social media and revealed that she had broken up with Eric Omondi after dating him for four and a half years. The beautiful Italian lady said the break up was a result of a discussion that they had together and resolved to part ways amicably. She cited long distance as the main reason why her relationship with the Kenyan comedian failed. When they were dating, Chantal was…

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