“…Joho Wants To Finish My Life Because I Exposed His Cheating Habits With Natalia Tewa. – Edgar Obare.

Edgar Obare

Edgar Obare has made a name for himself on Instagram. He is known for posting gossip stories crowdsourced by his followers on Instagram that are posted on his Stories. People love to gossip and that has led to him look for more information about celebrities and his Instagram Stories are so popular, he monetized it. Well, it seems like his earlier stunt has landed him into big trouble. He announced today that he has been summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) over Natalie Tewa, a popular lifestyle YouTuber/influencer.…

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Top 20 Billionaires In Kenya and Their Worth 2020.


Kenya is blessed with a large portion of the rich. Many of our prominent politicians also feature in this list. The president H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, his deputy H.E Dr William Ruto, and Raila Odinga also appear on the list. The list also cannot be completed without the former presidents, Mwai Kibaki and Daniel Moi. Here is the list from top to bottom. 1. Moi and Family The late former president and his family too the list with sh. 300 billion Kenyan shillings. 2. Manu Chandaria Has a net worth of…

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Isuzu, Co-op Bank announce a KSh 530 million leasing deal for Matatu Saccos.

Isuzu East Africa

Kenya’s leading commercial vehicle assembler Isuzu East Africa has announced a vehicle leasing deal with Co-op Bank that will give two PSV Saccos access to one hundred 33-seater Isuzu buses. In the asset financing deal, members of Metro Trans and Super Metro Saccos will have access to Isuzu NQR 33-seater buses which sell for Ksh 5.3 million each, without the need for a deposit. Valued at Ksh 530 million, this is the largest fleet delivery that the auto industry has managed to put together for the PSV sector. The lease…

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He Sleeps With Me In The Dream So Baba Asks Me To Burn Him Alive – Step-mother Finally Confesses.


The 13-year-old Ovey Friday was deeply in grief, his head, downcast and he appeared too weak to even acknowledge the presence of The Nation correspondent, who had come to know how he is coping, having recently lost all his fingers to what he termed the wickedness’ of his step-mother. Even the presence of his uncle and grandmother could not stop the torrents of tears trickling down his cheeks, as he cried uncontrollably, lamenting his predicament and wishing his late mother was alive. “Ooh mum, the day you died, I held…

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So Far, I Have Killed More Than 10 Family Members With My Witchcraft -Old Woman Confessed.


I have killed more than 10 family members with my witchcraft -old woman confessed The existence of witchcraft has been for a long time now, especially in Africa where people that practice witchcraft use it for the destruction of live instead of the good of people. This is because the force and diabolical voodoo use in performing witchcraft overnight are mainly meant for destruction, not for good at all, some people mistake this simple act, that people that practice witchcraft tend to be good in some cases which is not…

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