“Inawezekana” Deputy President Ruto Declares his Stand on the Disputed Revenue Allocation Formula Debate.

Revenue Allocation Formula

Deputy President William Samoei Ruto has finally declared his stand on the ongoing Revenue allocation formula that has seen different senators divided on whether to support it or not. Through his Twitter account, the deputy president has noted that the debate is divisive and the senate should be left to exercise their mandate as per the constitution of Kenya in a free and fair manner. He also notes that it is the right of every county to get what is fair for them and therefore senators should come up with…

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Top 5 Red Flags When Dating Someone

Red Flags

There are a lot of things we choose to overlook when we love someone. Sometimes, we are truly blinded by this love that everything they do seems perfect, nobody is perfect, and that is true! And we are striving for perfection. There are people who are willing to learn to become better people but you shouldn’t ignore your gut feeling when it tells you something is wrong. Not paying attention to red flags because you want to see the good in people will cost you later. Here are 5 top…

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ODM leaders WorkOut: How Raila is Pumping up Muscles in Malindi.


ODM leader Raila Odinga is working out in a secluded place in Malindi after jetting back in the country two weeks ago following minor surgery in a Dubai hospital. Speaking in Alego Usonga on Friday when they toured development projects in the area, Raila’s elder brother Oburu Oginga and area MP Samuel Atandi dismissed reports on his health condition, saying the ODM leader has hit the gym running and will soon be back to help President Uhuru Kenyatta run the country. “I hear some people say that Raila is sick,…

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Next On Ringo: When Alejo Says Brenda Is Affected By Manuel’s Death, Eva Doesn’t Believe, Brenda Never Liked Her Father

Manuel Brenda

Everyone attends Manuel’s wake (apparently no autopsy!) since he was so well-loved by everyone. There, Alejo and Brenda meet and talk. Brenda comments that she didn’t always treat Manuel well, but she loved him. Alejo starts by suggesting that she reconcile with her sister and join her in defending their heritage together. Alejo then outlines everything that has happened and how Brenda has reacted impulsively and without thinking of anyone else but herself. After he tells her that Diego stole from her father and that he is suspected of murdering…

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