Little Known Chris Kirubi’s Daughter Mary-Anne Kirubi’s age, background, occupation, personality, and more…

Chris Kirubi's Daughter Mary-Anne

However, one distinct part of the billionaire’s Chris Kirubi story that very few people are familiar with is the story of his daughter, Mary-Ann Musangi, who has successfully managed to stay off the limelight. Age Ann was born in 1971.she is 49 years and a Kenyan Nationality. Background She was born in Circa to Mr Chris kirubi and Mrs kirubi. Her parents divorced. Holds a bachelor of Arts in international business administration and a master of science in management from the University of surrey in the UK. Occupation She owns Secret Garden,…

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Ben Githae “Tano Tena” Being Roasted Online After Releasing a New Song Praising ‘Dynasties’

Ben Githae

Gospel artist Ben Githae has fulfilled his promise of releasing a political song. The ‘Tano Tena’ hitmaker in collaboration with the other three Kikuyu artists has released a song dubbed Ruhiu Rua Muthamka (the sword of the King). The four, Ben Githae, Kamande wa Kioi, Sir James, and Peter Kigia have called out all those castigating the president in his leadership. The four have compared president Uhuru Kenyatta with the Biblical David and William Ruto with Absalom. Githae in his verse accuses Willaim Ruto of undermining the president and salivating…

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Starting Car Hire Business In Nairobi: What Is Expected Profit.

Car Hire Business

Car hire business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi whose profits come in millions. Though the business is gaining more new entrants, it still remains lucrative. As an alternative to employment, this is one business you could start and have no regrets afterwards. I have seen many youths grow to become multi-millionaires in the business, why not you! Capital is required in starting car hire business in Nairobi A single personal car is enough to start a business. However, it must be well maintained and able to…

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10 Most Profitable Farming Crops To Grow In Kenya


When it comes to business, you choose profit over everything else, that’s’ why farming requires an entrepreneur to choose best crop that can give him the most profit. In Kenya, these are the most profitable crops to plant on your farm. Tomatoes Tomatoes are so far the most profitable crop to plant in Kenya. Though the crop performs depending on seasons, there are high chances consistent farmers would make handsome cash from the sales. In a year, you can plant tomatoes twice in your farm. And from the information i…

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What Are Ruto’s Chances Of Succeeding Uhuru In 2022?

What Are Ruto's Chances Of Succeeding Uhuru In 2022? 1

By now, it’s quite evident to Deputy President William Ruto that ascending to the highest office in the country is an uphill battle. Ruto has found the going tough for him despite having embarked on early presidential campaigns. For the better part of 2019, he crisscrossed the country in hunt for votes, while ostensibly unveiling government projects. That’s where the rain started beating the beleaguered son of a peasant from Sugoi. His first mistake was breaching a law of power which clearly states: “Never outshine your master.” Protocol in government…

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6 Best Performing Businesses To Start In Any Shopping Malls

Shopping Malls

Shopping malls are replacing traditional shops and supermarkets. In this big house, almost every single business can be done but only a few would yield maximum returns. Before you set aside capital to start a venture, you should evaluate the cost-benefit, and as we know it’s not easy to rent a house in a shopping mall-which is why you should careful single out on the most profitable business. Am going to analyze the most ideal business to set up in a shopping mall for maximum returns Bouncing castles Since shopping…

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How To Make Profits In Any Business A Time Like Now.


Every entrepreneur will tell you they are allergic to losses. Nobody starts a business to make losses, but to post profits. There are so many secrets of making profits that most business persons are not armed with. Such secrets are possessed by entrepreneurs who have made it in life. Making profits means travelling a journey towards wealth and financial freedom, which is why you should follow the following rules: Don’t mix friendship with business In order to make profits, the owner of a business should separate friendship with business; this…

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Aduda Salutes Mwendwa For Presiding Over Major Changes In Football

Aduda Salutes Mwendwa For Presiding Over Major Changes In  Football 2

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) presidential aspirant Lordvick Aduda says that the incumbent Nick Mwendwa deserves a pat on the back for presiding over some notable changes in the local football scene. While fielding questions from hosts of a radio show at a local station, Aduda nevertheless pointed out that Mwendwa’s major failures wouldn’t pass unnoticed. This, he added, was the main reason that prompted him and other candidates to join the race for FKF president so that they may get an opportunity to rectify all the ills currently bedevilling the…

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“I Forgive Kirinyaga MCAs’ The Actually Didn’t Know What They Were Doing,” Governor Anne Waiguru says.

Anne Waiguru

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru has forgiven ward representatives who impeached her. The governor said her clearance by the Senate marks a remarkable and historic victory in her political life. She stressed that her impeachment was all a choreographed plan of events that was aimed at tarnishing her name. “But have I forgiven the forces behind my impeachment,” she said on Saturday. She called upon the Kirinyaga County Assembly ward representatives to play their part in ensuring the devolved unit moves forward in terms of development. “Rather than prioritizing funds to projects such…

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12 Biggest Turn Off for Men You Should Know: Avoid Them completely

Turn Off for Men

Turnoffs can be subjective and what could turn you off as a guy might not be what turns another guy off. However, there are lots of common turn offs for men that women constantly display. This could be to get their attention or to send them away. Whichever it is, below is a list of turn-offs for men that you should know. 1. Playing Dumb for attention – a big turn off for men For some reason, some girls think acting dumb for a man makes them more attractive. It…

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