Tanzania President Pombe Magufuli Humiliates Citizen TV After a COVID – 19 Story.

President Pombe Magufuli

The Tanzanian embassy recently demanded that citizen TV should apologize after they aired a story that allegedly defamed their president John Pombe Magufuli. A few days ago the leading TV station aired a story whose headline was ‘Ukaidi wa Magufuli’ which is a Swahili word for the defiance of the president. Citizen TV apologized to the Tanzanian just after the 7pm Tuesday’s bulletin for the news that they had aired concerning the president. The Tanzanian President went against all odds to allow people to continue working normally in various sectors such as agriculture…

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Good News For Jobless Kenyans Seeking CRB Clearance Certificate.

CRB Clearance Certificate.

Job seekers waiting to hand over their documents in City Hall, Nairobi/ Courtesy The Governor of the Central Bank of Kenya, Patrick Njoroge through a press release on Tuesday 14th April, pointed out that first-time applicants of Credit Reference Bureau – CRB clearance certificate will be issued without any cost. The statement further stated that defaulters who have a loan of fewer than one thousand shillings will not be submitted to the CRB listing and those who were blacklisted for defaulting a loan worth one thousand would be de-listed. In…

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Murathe Exposes Ruto, Revealing What He Did During Jubilee Party Nomination.


Deputy President William Ruto has once again found himself under fire from Jubilee Party Vice Chair David Murathe, about a year after Murathe vowed to crush his political ambitions. In early 2019, Murathe said that he will take it upon himself to ensure that Ruto does not become president in 2022, stating that he will to see to it that Ruto’s dreams are shuttered. On Monday, he claimed that Ruto is not as good and innocent as some might think, alleging that he even interfered with the Jubilee Party nominations…

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Ruth Matete’s Husband Did Not Die From Burns, John’s Manager Reveals (Video)

Ruth Matete

Two Days after Ruth Matete lost her husband Beloved John Apewajoye; some weird details about his death have emerged. While it is now public knowledge that Ruth Matete’s husband succumbed to burns sustained from Gas Cylinder explosion at their home around Athi River, some close friend to the family has come out throwing shade at such claims. The gentleman identified Jesse Ikoenaze introduced himself as Ruth Matete’s late husband close friend and manager based in Nigeria.  However, this man did not record the video to send condolences to Ruth but…

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Cs. Maghoha Behaves Like Any Typical Luo In Power… By Looking Down Upon His Fellow Luos

Cs. Maghoha

John Oyugi was a Kenyan worker, who has paid taxes all his life. He had just retired from KPA and was trying to make his way back home when he got involved in a road accident. He fell sick and within 12 hours, the Siaya govt which has no testing kits for Coronavirus had declared him positive of COVID 19, declared him dead and buried him like a dog in the middle of the night. THEN out of nowhere, without any provocation, the Cs. Maghoha for Education one prof MAGHOHA…

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Celebrities Came to Support Depressed Mulamwah After Quitting Comedy Due To Daily Twitter Trolls.


Comedy isn’t easy as many thinks and the likes of Mulamwah, Eric Omondi have shared their journey to stardom in previous media interviews. Hard work, perseverance and having a thick skin for trolls is the only way to succeed in the flooded comedy industry. But we have seen several comedians sink into depression and others succumb to it. Multitalented comedian Mulamwah has been forced to quit comedy after trolls overpowered him. He is always trolled on Twitter on a daily basis. Mulamwah shared a video burning his signature shirt, crying…

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