16-Year Old Boy Kills His 14 Year Brother Over Land Dispute In Nyamira

land dispute

It was shocking and painful news in Nyamira county in Bonyabatuta Masaba ward in Nyakere Kibirigo village when what no one could have imagined happened, how could such a young child at age of 16 kill his brother over a land dispute and burry him?

A cousin to the diseased by the name Johnston Ombudha a 14-year-old informed citizen Tv journalist that the accused had admitted that he killed his brother as they were fighting after crossing paths over where his brother had planted sukumawiki. He then buried the brother’s body in the pit then later decided to transfer the body to the farm where nobody couldn’t easily notice since the pit was near to home.

One witness confesses that the two brothers were fighting over a farm where the diseased had originally planted kales, yet the bigger brother wanted to plant cattle feeds on the same farm and this caused them to start quarreling with each other that resulted in a fight.

since they were holding farm tools megerly Jembes they decided to use them but unfortunately the bigger brother beat the younger back head which lead to his death.

The matter was confirmed by the area chief Mr.George Maoga who led the relatives to where the body was buried after the accused admitted that he killed his brother and take them to where he buried the body of his brother.

The body of the diseased was transferred to Nyamira County Referral Hospital Mortuary while the accused was arrested and taken to police station.

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