A Young Boy Graduated From The University And Was Looking For A Job For More Than 12 Years Without Finding One.


Because of hardships he became a taxi driver fortunate for him today he picked up a man coming to see a Pastor in his office and was waiting outside, after praying for the brother, the Pastor escorted him out.

Suddenly when the Pastor saw this taxi driver and said Emmanuel he responded sir, how did you know my name? i said what are you doing….. driving a taxi because i see you with powerful certificates he began to cry.

God showed them where Emmanuel was tied since he was 5 years and I declared in the name of Jesus Emmanuel be free. Right in his car he collapsed and regained consciousness after some time and they left.

Just now Emmanuel has just called me that he has just received a call from his friend leaving for MOROCCO tomorrow to come and take over his 4 lodges, he can’t believe it.

His life has changed in a few hours. Nothing happens for nothing, I don’t know what has covered your blessings for years, right now let that thing disappear.
To the first 500 people to Type Amen and share this post from now to 3 days you shall experience a turn around in Jesus’ name amen.

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