Teachers Salary Must Be Increased For The 103,624 Teachers, Sossion Demands.


Teachers employed by the government are enjoying their salaries even when the Education Cabinet Secretary announced that there is no school this year.

Rumors were spreading in the social media that they should not receive their salary because they are not working. Teacher s Service Commission, who is their employer noted that teachers will remain on their payroll until school resume.

According to the Collective Bargaining Agreement signed in 2017 by Teachers Service commission and the Unions, there was an agreement that teacher s’ salary was to be increased in phases. A group of 103,624 teacher s did not receive their pay rise.

A detailed report given by Wilson Sossion on 19th July demanded Teachers Service Commission increase the salaries of teacher s, deputy heads, and school principals who were forgotten in the 3rd phase of collective bargaining agreements (CBA) implementation.

Angered Sossion said that “It is against international labor practices for an employer to withhold teacher s’ salaries when the finances have been budgeted for.” This comes after TSC went to court to stop the salary increment as indicated on the agreed documents.

There was an argument that the majority of those who were missing their salary increase were members of Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT). Some of them started changing their membership to Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teachers (kuppet) because those in KUPPET received their pay rise on time. A principal claimed that, “There should be a uniform way of handling teachers. Leaving some us out is very unfair,”

Sossion noted that no teacher should undergo any kind of treatment because of the union they are in. The amount of money that was not captured was ranging between Ksh 16000 to Ksh 23000 for principals. Nancy Macharia who is the CEO for the commission reported that they were not having the accurate data of all tutors who were to benefit from the third phase.

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