10 Reasons Why Many Women Cheats On Their Partners.

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I bring you ten reasons why most women cheat on their partners. But before we go into them, I would like you to agree with me that some women don’t really want to cheat on their partners, but the situation they found themselves compelled them to do so.

Most women are soft targets to some men who lacked proper home training while growing up. And it is a pity that they ended up crossing parts with such men.

I want you to also note that before some women cheat on their partners, they always had thoughts of it for a period of time. And this is because women cheat with emotions, unlike men.

Once a woman cheats on her man, in most cases, it could be that she is no longer in love with the man. Which is very unlikely with men because men don’t cheat with emotions.

Some men can go out with numerous women, but they rarely change their minds from the woman that they truly love. So, without any further ado, let us delve into the over the vital topic of the day.


One of the vital requirements a woman wants from her man is attention. Women are like pets. A woman wants to feel loved, she wants to be cuddled all the time, and feel welcomed whenever she is around her man. The moment she no longer gets these special types of treatment, she would think her man doesn’t love her anymore. So, in most cases, she tends to give in to the guy who showers her with attention outside.

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You would agree with me that some humans don’t just forgive. No matter how you apologize to them after treating them badly, they would still do what’s on their minds. This trait is found in some women who practice feminism the wrong way. Since they believe that they and their partners are equals, they tend to cheat too whenever they sense that their men are cheating on them to balance the equation.

Career Preservation

Some Career women who are very passionate about their careers are willing to do anything just for them to reach the peak of their journey. And this includes giving in to their bodies. There are some badly raised dishonest men who found themselves in top positions today by mistake.

These types of men won’t give credits without asking for something in return from a passionate career woman. In most cases, these women give in to their demands just so they could keep their career going. This is also one of the reasons most men don’t marry career women.


A very good percentage of working class ladies fall for this particular one. They get lots of advances from their Boss in their respective offices, and workplace almost everyday. In a situation where they are the bread winners of their family, they tend to give in to the demand of their Boss just for them to secure their jobs.

Distance Relationships

Just as i have said before, majority of women needs attention and care. Distance relationships are not always guaranteed because there is always a guy around the corner who does nothing good with his life order than forming fine boy and disturbing people’s women around with their six packs. If you must travel for a longer time, and there is space for you to take your woman with you, please do so to save yourselves the stress.

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It’s like there is an evil spirit behind this particular one……no matter how well you go with them, they are never satisfied. Some women with this type of addiction is as a result of the circumstances they found themselves when growing up. It takes lots of prayers and counseling to be free from this particular one.


This one is mainly caused by poverty. Some women give in to this just for them to be able to keep their families running. Others give in because they want to get the latest phone, shoes and bags.


Some men just don’t know how to take care of their women. They are always on one route every time. They don’t even try to spice it up a little. They don’t discuss with their women for them to know what works whenever they are in the other room. Instead of the woman to say what the problem is so they could work on it, they just get bored and find satisfaction elsewhere.

Lust For Material Things

This one is very common among teenage girls, and even some adults too. They always crave for anything that is trending. Bags, Shoes, phones, human hair, you name them. If the guy that they are currently dating couldn’t afford these things for them, they will not hesitate to look elsewhere just for them to get it. So, if you are dating a girl who is not working, and not from a rich background but always looking flashy, i think you have to sit her down and ask her some sincere questions.

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Passing Of Examinations

This one is very common with students. Personally, I wouldn’t blame the students alone for this because many at times, they are being compelled to cheat on their spouses by these same badly raised men who found themselves in high positions in our schools today.

Some of these badly raised men sometimes threaten to fail their female students if they don’t give in to their demands. I wish they get dealt with one after the other.

So many relationships have been destroyed due to cheating partners. I hope people get to understand themselves and their women so they know what works for them.

Hope you found this article interesting and very well articulated. Please, like, comment, and share to pass this knowledge. Someone somewhere might need it to work on his or her relationship.

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