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10 Reasons Why Dp Ruto Is The ‘Real Hustler’

Dp Ruto Is The Real Hustler

1. Hustler, Dp Ruto Stole Primary School Land

Langata Primary School Play Ground – Ruto’s name featured in the grabbing of Langata Primary School playground and the adjacent plot belonging to the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) where Weston Hotel stands.

Ruto had no apology to make over the tear-gassing of Langata Primary school children.

2. Hustler ‘Murdered’ His Police Bodyguard, Kenei In Order To Cover Up An Arms Deal

Sergeant Kipyegon Kenei – Kenei was scheduled to record a statement with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations in connection with the Sh39 billion firearm scandal linked to Deputy President William Ruto’s office where he worked as a security officer.

3. Hustler Burns Women And Children In Kiambaa Church

Kiambaa Church Massacre – Youths rampaged in the Rift Valley’s Kiambaa village on January 1, attacking the Kikuyu tribe of President Mwai Kibaki who was declared the winner of a December 27 poll that critics say was rigged.

The mob shut dozens in a church, blocked the door with a mattress, and set the church on fire, residents said.

4. Hustler Stole A Whole Road (Processional Way) And Gets A Title Deed For It.

Nairobi Primary School land (Processional Way) – Ruto’s name featured in the grabbing of Processional Way in Nairobi.

5. Hustler Stole Land In A Forest

Ngong Forest Land – DP Ruto was involved in a conspiracy to defraud in the Sh272 million land deal. The land was meant to be bought for the KPC staff.

Of the witnesses that the prosecution had lined up, 13 could not be found and five died while the case was ongoing.

6. A Hustler Betrays His Friends To Fulfill His Ambitions.

William Ruto & his Rich legacy of betrayal.

  1. 1992 used Jirongo, Arap Kirya to get YK92 Tenders then Dumped him.
  2. 1997 Used Moi to get Eldoret North Seat, after winning started portraying himself as Kalenjin Spokesman & Dumped him.
  3. 2007, used Raila Odinga to become a powerful Agricultural Minister, then dumped him.
  4. 2009, Used Kibaki to stop Raila from firing him after Maize and Kenya Pipeline Land scandal, then dumped him and started de-campaigning for the new constitution.
  5. 2013, used Uhuru Kenyatta to become the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.
  6. 2018 Dumped President Uhuru to Exclusively focus on 2022 Election campaigns.

7. Hustler Poisons His Brothers And Sisters For Money

In early 2009 after a parliamentary debate on a maize scandal, William Ruto was accused of illegally selling maize by Ikolomani MP Bonny Khalwale (Public Accounts Committee chairman).

All the documents bearing the National Cereals and Produce Board seal that linked Mr. Ruto to the illegal sale of maize were accepted by Parliament’s deputy speaker

8. Hustler Has An Insatiable Hunger For Land

DP Ruto was accused of grabbing the land of an elderly neighbor who was also an IDP, Mr. Adrian Muteshi’s land in Eldoret.

The high court ruled on this matter where Ruto was found guilty. Ruto was ordered by a court to pay Muteshi Ksh5 million to compensate for the loss of income while he occupied his land.

DP Ruto is also accused of using the Weston Hotel’s Interim Reference (IR) number to acquire another prime property in Westlands.

In a report by Nation, in April 2018 Justice Kossy Bor delivered a judgment on the Westlands property, which had been in court for 12 years, ruling that Pridegrove Investments Limited irregularly acquired the land using an IR number that had been allocated to Weston Hotel.

9. Hustler Only Keen On Results And Always Has His Eyes On The Price.

The Deputy President believes, in the end, justifies the means parlance. It does not matter how he gets what he wants, even if he steps on anyone’s toes to get the prize. His ambition is blinding and unsustainable.

Ruto’s support in Rift Valley was built on sand. Some of his kinsmen predict a Trump effect in the Kalenjin land against Ruto, saying that even as DP, he has done little for the community, yet he continues to tell them they are in government.

10. Dp Ruto Defends Fellow Hustlers

  • Ferdinand Waititu- DP Ruto defends Governor Waititu over Kiambu County audit queries
  • Okoth Obado – I don’t mind working with Obado, I don’t care what people say – Ruto. Sirisia MP John Waluke.
  • Former Sports CS Rashid Echesa

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