10 Most Profitable Farming Crops To Grow In Kenya


When it comes to business, you choose profit over everything else, that’s’ why farming requires an entrepreneur to choose best crop that can give him the most profit. In Kenya, these are the most profitable crops to plant on your farm.


Tomatoes are so far the most profitable crop to plant in Kenya. Though the crop performs depending on seasons, there are high chances consistent farmers would make handsome cash from the sales.

In a year, you can plant tomatoes twice in your farm. And from the information i have gathered over time, a single acre of land generates profits of up to Ksh 3 million per annum.

The crop can also bring losses to the farmers if there is el-nino rain or hailstones .But that aside, this is the most profitable crop in Kenya today.

If you harvest tomatoes during the months of December-March, you are likely to make a kill.


Onions have several health benefits, which is why so many Kenyans are including the fruit into every meal.

If you plant onions alongside Kitunguu Saumu, you will never make a loss.

The good thing about onions is that with even a 50-50 plot of land, you can practice farming. The crop also does not need a lot of rainfall to mature.


Beans take at most 4 months to mature, meaning that in a single year you can plant beans on your land twice. Beans also don’t require a lot of labour.

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Almost every school in Kenya is in need of beans, hotels buy beans, individuals buy beans, government buy beans. From this scenario, you can see there is a huge demand of beans.

Two Kgs of beans cost Ksh100-Ksh200 you can calculate the amount of money you could make from a 100 KG sack of beans.


Tea is another crop you should consider planting especially if you live in Kisii, Kiambu,Tharaka Nithi, Embu, Meru, Rift Valley and Nyeri.

The only challenge with this crop is that you need more than 1 acre piece of land to make reasonable income.


I would encourage you to replace maize with cabbages or sukumawiki(kales).

More than 90 % of Kenyans in villages eat sukumawiki at least 3 times a week. In towns, it’s regarded as the main supplement of meat and chicken.

Now, I want to make some rounds in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa to determine whether the market for sukumawiki is ripe or there is simply no market.


If you have more than 2 acres, maize is the crop to plant.

The only problem with maize planting is that you need a sizable land to make reasonable money from your land. This is because, indigenous seeds take at least 6 months to mature, meaning that you can only plant maize once a year or twice. But there are some seeds that take at most 4 months to grow.

Water melon

Until recently, Kenyans were not enthusiastic towards watermelon but they are now consuming the fruit like no one’s business.

Watermelon business is very lucrative, it’s in fact among the best businesses to venture in today.

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Bananas take at least 12 months to mature but that does not worry you. Once the crop matures, you will make very good money.


Don’t try to plant sugarcane to sell to sugar milling industries, simply plant those you can sell for chewing. The moment you plant your sugarcane, you can seek for a market in Nairobi and Mombasa, where lovers of sugarcane are in thousands.


Carrots are also good crop to grow but the market is not big. Consumers are mostly in major towns.

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