10 Insane Things Women Do Secretly In Bathroom

If you’re anything like me, you have an extensive list of weird things you might do when you’re alone, and then another one of even crazier things you might do while you’re alone in the bathroom.

And yet, when I consider how little alone time most women actually get to enjoy daily—what with work, socializing, driving, and getting things done—I start to feel that the weird stuff women do while they’re in the bathroom alone themselves isn’t all that weird after all.

Insane bathroom habits exclusively practiced by females

1. Fixating gaze on one’s own posterior – To be honest, I think it’s quite ridiculous how often I check out my derriere in the mirrors of public restrooms, but I’m willing to bet that this is something that the vast majority of women do.

2. Respond to e-mails and other messages while we flush.

3. Pull Stupid Faces Before the Mirror.

You guys look at my face like crazy every time I come out of the bathroom, and I find that entirely normal.

5 Make pretty/gross patterns with your hair by twirling it around the shower tiles.

6. Shaving your legs or other body parts while making bizarre acrobatic movements in the shower.

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7. With your toe, you attempt to turn off the shower’s water supply and fail miserably.

8. If you need to urinate but don’t have a tissue handy, try shaking off the urine anyway.

9. Use three times as much conditioner as shampoo and alternate using the two products.

10, Convince yourself that some eyewash solution got in your eye even though you closed your eyes tightly.

11. Take on the most repulsive personas you can think of to discover how closely you match up with them.

12. Release some wild dance motions.

13. Weep and yell as if there were no tomorrow.

14 – Verify the flow of periods Many women who are menstruating clean up in the bathroom.

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