10 Things To Know About Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).

Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).

1. Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (popularly known as JB) (born 28 April 1956) is the seventh Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya, in office since 2013. He is the first Speaker to serve following the reestablishment of a bicameral Parliament, as mandated by the 2010 Constitution.

2. Justin Muturi was formerly a judiciary employee serving as a principal magistrate between 1982 and 1997 before he was unceremoniously shown the door. He also served as the chairman of the Judges and Magistrates Association during the time.

He was a member of the Africa Parliamentarians Network against Corruption, Global Organisation of Parliamentarians against Corruption, and the Parliamentary Network on the World Bank.

3. Speaker Justin Muturi is a real spoilsport!! Muturi chairs the PSC which, under his watch, has routinely found opportunity after another to increase perks for legislators as the majority of Kenyans wallow in poverty. He is conniving to be Dr. Ruto’s running mate in 2022

4. The speaker Justin Muturi, a 1981 graduate lawyer from the University of Nairobi’s (UoN) also has a Post Graduate Diploma in Law from Kenya School of Law after which he practiced as an advocate of the High court. He rose to become a Principal Magistrate.

5. But, the 63-year-old JB did not retire from his occupation voluntarily. Instead, it was after being painted with a bad image following the bribery allegation of Ksh. 1 Million. A legal suit accusing National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka of soliciting a Ksh1 million bribe marked the end of his career as a senior resident Magistrate.

Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).
Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).

Justin Muturi had been sued by Masaba Hospital founder Dr. Geoffrey Joel Momanyi in 1997 for allegedly soliciting the bribe “to sort out” a criminal case they were facing before his court. He was later acquitted but fired by JSC. This saw Justin Muturi venture into business and active politics joining parliament through a by-election in 1999 which was occasioned by the death of the then Siakago MP Cyrus Ita.

6. Justin Muturi is and will be remembered as one of the most controversial Speakers in the history of the National Assembly of Kenya. He narrowly won against the incumbent, Kenneth Marende of Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) after getting full support from members of the Jubilee Alliance Party.

7. Justin Muturi was first elected as a member of the Kenya African National Union to represent Siakago Constituency in Parliament following a 1999 by-election. He won reelection in 2002 and served as opposition chief whip and chair of the Public Investment Committee during the 10th Parliament. He vied for reelection in 2007 but was defeated by Lenny Kivuti.

Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).
Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).

8. Justin Muturi has significantly eroded the reputation and credibility of the House, lowering the quality of the debate and work of the National Assembly. He poses the threat of returning Parliament to old days of executive control or appendage.

Commission on the Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) once went to court seeking a declaration that Honourable Speaker Muturi is unfit to hold public office. As usual he was able to bribe his old colleagues in the Judiciary and the case was thrown out.

9. His niece, Judy Mbuya, who is the Embu County Assembly Chief Whip and Nominated MCA, was put there as a bribe to silence. Muturi and Judy were involved in a romantic relationship where she conceived but Muturi paid her to procure an abortion.

She was very mad with the uncle and she threatened to let their secret out, but with the plump county job, she was silenced although she had already told a friend who spilled the beans. She almost lost her seat after allegedly claiming that most of her male colleagues were uncircumcised (how did she know?).

Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).
Speaker Justin Muturi Bedan Njoka (JB).

10. The National Assembly under the guidance and coercion by Justin Muturi unanimously approved the appointment of Lady Justice Philomena Mbete Mwilu as the Deputy Chief Justice of the Republic of Kenya.

Little did they know of the romance that existed between Muturi and Philomena Mwilu since the days when JB was in Judiciary. In fact, one of Mwilu’s sons was fathered by Justin Muturi and though he did not marry her, they have done well in co-parenting.

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